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Today is an incredibly shitty day. Makes me wish for the days when Im done with school for good. First class of the day was completely horrible. I need a fuckin tutor for math. At least with my other classes Im doing good, and if im not i know how to fix it. Math however I have a teacher whos teachin style doesnt xactly mesh with my learning style. Im not horrible at math, when I have a good teacher, im really good at it, 80- 90%. But when Im bad im bad believe me. My theme song these days seems to be Theres Gotta (be more to life) by Stacie Orrico. Well I have a brand new unit and math, and its only been 3 weeks in this class so far. So plenty of time to bring it up. I guess Im just upset because Im puttinin effort, but im not really seeing the results. At least Im still good in english, I can always count on that. In that class I have a teacher who wants to be everyones best friend. You know the type, always wants the class to be fun. Hes nice enough, and the class seems easy. Its not really the kind of class I want for english tho, since Im good at it, I kinda want something more challenging class, where the people actually read, and have ideas about things. Theres two people in my class who are kinda like that. One I dont mind much, but the other it seems like hes looking down at the rest of us "mere humans". Do you guys get what I mean? Hes the kind of person who thinks hes way smarter, whos kind of amused by the normal everyday doings. Like we are just mere mortals.

On another note why is it that girls give you the "look" Girls you know what Im talkin about, its kinda like sizing up the enemy. We all do it, I know that I do, when you see a pretty, put togther girl. I hate when I get it though, it makes me feel paranoid. Either im really ugly, or pretty. ( Ive been told that I could be a model so i dont think its the first one, but who knows) Personally I dont really think I could be a model several times. When I look in the mirror, I see mostly the flaws (dont get it twisted im not some person who hates everything about themselves, I just hate the average amount :p) Id personally love to beo one of those people who was just totally accepting of themselves, personality and looks. I dont have a low self esteem or anything, but you kno... Id just like to have that complete kind of confidence. But im only 16, so I hope it comes with time.
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