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I'm NEVER going to accept any offers to run a site or become a mod for a forum - NEVER again in my life.

Seems like I'm stucked in this zone now :sad: I've asked to be taken off months ago, from this forum I'm involved in, simply because I don't have the time for it anymore. It's not a lot of work, actually, but what absolutely annoys me is these stupid fights between some immature members. You feel so stupid trying to put an end into all this - you can only stop it for so long. Anyways, the admin is made aware of all the troubles and stuff but he told me he can't get rid of these people because they haven't broken any rules of the boards (don't ask, I can never understand that part)

Anyways, after my supposedly departure, my name was still left up just so people think I'm still "watching", but the admin has taken over the work there. Sure, he's monitoring it however best he can do, but he's not really taking care of the fights and I ended up being insulted for being INEFFECTIVE.

It's a stupid situation to get involved in, really - on one hand, I'm not obliged to do anything anymore, but the catch is, I'm not supposed to be telling people! This insult really got to me, really - I know, not to take things personal, but I'm just not in the best place to not feel offended by the smallest of thing being stressed and what not. Insults are the last thing I need in my life right then (and now).

She had the NERVES to accuse me of NOT DOING MY JOB, and that I'm not as GOOD a mod as the other mods. Excuse me, you guys ONLY SWEAR and create PROBLEMS in MY part of the sub-forums, the other mods DID NOT HAVE TO BE A BITCH! :mad: I've always joked with my friends, if there's an award given to the LEAST HELPFUL MOD on that board, it'd be ME. If there's an award given to the BITCHIEST MOD on that board, it'd be ME as well... Hey, if you can't be the hero, mind as well be the best villain you can, huh?! :lol: Whatever...

Anyways, after that whole fiasco, the boards added in a new mod BUT not in my forums! :eek: I'm really surprised though - if they aren't going to remove me, at least put in a co-mod for me! But they didn't! And people are still sending me PMs with their "issues"! *Gah* The frustration...

After a mini-fiasco sometimes this week, a co-mod has been added. And guess what - this "very mature" poster decided it's a great time to send me YET another insult "Glad you're getting some help now" *roll eyes* FYI, I'm still the one organizing the boards whenever I have time.

I hate when people don't know what's going on BUT think they know what's going on AND think they're SO SMART, making these "clever gestures".

Seriously, whatever - I don't care anymore... I know my constant whining with the admin won't get anywhere, he'd ask me to continuously ignore her, so I'm not even bothered with that anymore.
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