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It may seem self evident but the addition of Ivan Lendl to Andy Murray’s entourage as his coach has transformed the player into a world-beater. Since the former eight-time Grand Slam champion joined forces with the Scot in 2012, Murray has played like a player transformed.

An Olympic gold medal and a first grand slam title – the US Open – have both come in the 25-year-olds most successful year. But more importantly, both honours have been achieved with the iron faced Lendl looking on.

Murray has recently reiterated that he wants to have Lendl as his coach for the long haul and it is the best piece of news to hit British tennis fans in years.

For so long Murray’s mental toughness was, well, not very tough. Lendl has brought about a sternness to his young star which was always lacking. Murray crumbled, all too often, under the pressure of the British public and media until Lendl came on the scene.

The first British player in 76 years to win a grand slam said: “We spoke at the end of last year and it was much more short term - ‘let’s see how the first few months of the season go’. Now it’s, ‘What are we going to be doing in four or five years’ time?”

The duo are already plotting success at the season opener in Australia, a tournament where Murray has twice reached the final but twice fallen quite far short. His exploits in 2012 though means he has been well backed in the Australian Open Tennis Betting.

As many Tennis Betting Tips have mentioned, hard court surfaces are his bread and butter and if he fails to win the Aussie Open in his career it won’t be because he is not talented enough to do it. With Lendl in his corner Murray has the ability to win any tennis tournament he enters, without him, well let’s not think about that.
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