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Leave Roddick Alone

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All his haters hate him for the rudest, ignorant reasons and it is bad reasoning.
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The haters know he will be the next dominant force of the ATP, and they just can't handle that ;)
*shocking face :eek:* Maybe someone can actually DISLIKE his game?
And make some jokes from time to time. :D
Go away
Why isn't Andy Roddick playing today? Does he have 2 days off???
Some players have 2 days off during the first week, it depends of when they played their first match.
I hate Roddick.

He is drama queen,everything he does is an act.

In Montreal,he came to hit a ball very close to the net, but he was ok, however, he has to show his drama queen act and jump over it and look all shaken. Unfortunately for him the tv caught it in slow motion and it was so obvious he did it on purpose.

luckily, the media is starting to realize it, McEnroe said the best american hope isn't Roddick, but Jame Blake, and I couldn't agree more.
Oh please, Andy already has his name written in tennis history books, it's only a matter of time that he puts a couple of slams under his belt. James has never been in the top 10 unlike Andy and he's much older than him.

As for the lovely Andy being a drama queen, that's one of the reason he is so popular: he's showing emotions, passion on the court and that makes him an adorable person that you can only like. I feel sorry for the haters because their hate consume them so much that they miss the opportunity to not only respect and appreciate a great champion, but also a great human being.
I used to hate Andy because he was a "drama queen." But I don't get why Marat can be a drama queen and Andy can't. People hate Andy for things that Marat does too. Marat is psycho. They are both psycho--I love them both for being psycho. I don't even know why I am a Clijsters fan because I am not attracted to her on-court antics. She has none. Somehow I am. I prefer people like Andy, Marat, Rios, Serena, and Federer--who may be quiet, but he gets really emotional and is always crying. All those people have passion, and that's why I love them.
Marat doesn't act hurt to get the crowd on his side.:rolleyes:
You're paranoid. You're talking like Jeff Tarango there. LOL!
Andy must be the most hyped tennis teen in America since Jennifer Capriati (and she's the most hyped ever!). So go figure.

I say where's the results? There's so many other players still his age that's achieved much more than him, Federer, Safin, Hewitt to name some.

Who knows maybe the same fate awaits Roddick as that of Capriati in the mid-90's. Drug abuse and criminal activities, except in his case it will be to the point of no return.
Marat&Venus_Fan said:

Who knows maybe the same fate awaits Roddick as that of Capriati in the mid-90's. Drug abuse and criminal activities, except in his case it will be to the point of no return.
Oh please Capriati stole a 15$ ring, and you call that "criminal activities" LOL?

Anyway what you describe is wishful thinking. Andy is there to stay, just deal with it. :wavey: :kiss:
With in a year of turning pro, Andy won 2 tournaments and skyrocketed into the Top 50. A year! Y'all need to leave him be because Federer, Safin, and Hewitt didn't do all that. And since then, Andy has done well in numerous events and won other tournaments. It's like you all block out his good results. And he definitely has more titles than Federer. Roger and Marat really gradually took time to be succesful. Andy just plunged into the tour and became successful.
It is ironic that this thread turned into making fun of andy eh? ;)

That is how it always happens, isn't it? SOmeone posts something asking people to refrain, and it just gives them somewhere to explain why they do what they do...

Its a never ending cycle ;)

That said, I think Andy gets it a little harsh around here ...

Yes, this coming from the twisted individual who posts a depreciation thread, and a cheering thread for andy - in the same week :p

Oh well, I never claimed to make any sense...
Okay I usually avoid these threads but this is killing me. Personally I am not a Roddick hater; truth be told I neither hate or like him. My feeling though is that while Roddick has accomplished some things; they haven't been impressive enough to warrant some of you acting like he's the second coming of a Laver or Borg. Truthfully even if you're a fan of the guy; you have to be honest and admit that he has had a dismal year. Roddick is talented, strong serve, groundstrokes and all that. However he still doesn't seem consistent enough to win any thing big. Who knows maybe he'll prove us wrong this year and win. If that happens; you guys could rattle on until the next Open, next year. Until then, spare us the Roddick is so great comments. Personally I don't see Roddick winning this thing unless Hewitt and Agassi both somehow lose, and I don't see that happening. Hey, there's always next year.
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Virgil - I totally echo your thoughts, nicely put :eek:

But I can see why some of his fans might be getting pissed off, so I'm trying to sympathize. He isn't the second coming of laver as far as I can tell, but he isn't the second coming of lucifer either ;)
Virgil said:
[His results] haven't been impressive enough to warrant some of you acting like he's the second coming of a Laver or Borg.
Roddick fans aren't all 12 year olds who know nothing about tennis. And those who are 12 year olds don't come in here because they're too busy looking at his Teen People magazine pictures to know what Deuce and Foot Fault mean. Your little statement insults our intelligence.

Thus, don't think the people here who support him are THAT naive. No fan said he would be the next Laver, or Connors or Borg or Agassi. You can account the press for such accusations. We JUST like him, exactly how people JUST like Nicolas Escude, Tommy Haas and Juan Ignacio Chela. Who said we need him to be in the record books for us?!
Umm, okay. Protesting a little much aren't we. Unless I misread my post; I never once insinuated that Roddick fans are all kids or are stupid. I was however under the mistaken belief that we were discussing Roddick's talent, accomplishments and whether some people were too hard on him. You were the one unless I'm mistaken who made the comment about how fast he got to the top ten and then proceeded to compare that to other players. Thus, I thought we were discussing his accomplishments. Sorry I didn't think people here were so easily offended. My mistake. Oh don't respond to this, because I have better things to do than discuss Roddick. Let's just agree to disagree. Btw, thanks Rebecca for the compliment.:)
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