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Today it has been a lazy day, as always when i'm on holiday. The weather is awfully hot and when the sun disappear there are thunder and rain :( The electricity has been cut so i've read an old french litterature book by the candlelight :lol: (Candide~Voltaire)

So there are not too much to do :lol: , today my friend Eléa went back to our paradise called Gstaad to see the end of the tennis tournament,hope she'll enjoy :) *a special mention to F-LO who beat Ljubo :woohoo: i can't believe it, Feli is on FiRe *
Concerning my Rafa, there are doubts on his participation in Stuttgart.He says that he wants to prepare the american tour, i've read a lot of critics about his decision, i don't really know what to think, there are positive stuff and other negative about his decision. If he doesn"t defend his title on clay he will lost the point he won last year, but in an other way if he prepares himself better for hard surfaces he has a lot of point to win, much more that he could have won in Bastad and in Stuttgart. Let's see, i really miss him, especially because i met two of his good friend in Gstaad (feli and carlos) . I can"t wait to see him playing :D i miss his VAMOOOS

Today it has been a busy soccer day, :yeah: everybody is talking about transfer windows, I'm terribly disturbed by the transfer of Fer Torres to Man U, it's impossible he can't leave Madrid for this club :bigcry: in the british press they said that the transfer is almost finished and in the spanish one Fer says he doesn't want to leave Madrid i'm very scared, he is one of my fav' player , as i am a gooner it would be the end of the world if he plays for ManU.
Always about soccer, the Juventus Turin is sent in serie B i have to say that this new made me quite happy :p (sorry to my italians friends :p shit happen ), a message for all the european soccer team: " Juve's player are on sale, -50% on Viera, 2 defender for the price of one, if you buy Trezeguet you'll have Buffon as gift, hurry up the stock is almost failed " :haha: :haha:

Today i went at my friend's house to celebrate the exam we passed :aparty: it strange because i'll go to the uni, i'll change of city and discover a new way of life, i wish i'll appreciate being a "student" !!!
I forgot we were on July the 14h so happy national day to all my countryfellows :aparty: thanx god i won't hear anymore that noise of detonator ans fireworks till next year!!!!

Vamos Feli queda caliente para mañana !!!!!!!!
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