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I have 198 tournament wins (+ 1 shared title). There are some pro results missing from the 60's and Laver may have won more tournaments. Even though he won almost 200 titles he didn't win that many matches because a lot of the pro events were 4 or 8 man tournaments.

Having a quick look at the Wikipedia list 9 early Australian tournaments victories are missing and also a 1963 South African tournament win I found is also missing.This is my list (with help from others).

1956 1
Brisbane Metropolitan

1957 2
Redcliffe, Central Queensland

1958 3
Redcliffe, Nambour, Southport

1959 1
Central Queensland

1960 9
Brisbane Australian Champ., Wynnum, Nambour, Lausanne, Newport, Philadelphia, South Orange, Southampton. N.Y., Queenslands Hardcourts

1961 15
Wimbledon, Adelaide, Auckland, Bad Neuenahr, Brisbane, Queensland Hardcourts, Caracas, Deauville Kuntz Cup, Deauville Centennial Cup, Hamburg German Champ., Houston, Kingston, Melbourne, Sydney NSW Champs, Sydney Metropolitan

1962 22
Sydney Seaside, Australian Champ., Paris French Champ., Wimbledon, US Champ., Bournemouth BHC, Queensland Hardcourts, Caracas, Connaught, Dublin Irish Champ., Gstaad Swiss Champ., Hamburg German Champ., Hilversum Dutch Champ., Houston, Lugano, Melbourne Victorian Champs, Oslo, Palermo, Queen's Club, Rome Italian Champ., Australian Hardcourt., Tasmanian.

1963 6
Cannes, Kitzbühel, Noordwijk-on-Sea, Rhodesian, Johannesburg, Western Province

1964 11 (+ 1 shared)
Perth (4 man event),Boston US Pro, Wembley London Pro, Geneve, Johannesburg, Monterey, Port Elizabeth, Salisbury, Biarritz (4 man), Cairo (4 man), Marseille (4 man). Brisbane Pro (shared with Rosewall)

1965 18
Wembley London Pro, Adelaide, Cannes, Durban, Lake Tahoe, Capetown, Hobart (4 man), Los Angeles R.R., Melbourne, Nairobi, New York US Pro Indoor, Newport R.R., Oklahoma City (4 man), Perth , Rhodesia, San Rafael.
Also Belfast (4 man) and La Paz pro.

1966 16
Boston US Pro, Wembley London Pro, Binghamton, Brisbane, Cannes (4 man), Capetown, Durban, Forest Hills R.R., Johannesburg, Melbourne, Perth, Nancy (4 man), Oporto, Milan (4 man), Abidjan (4 man), Dakar (4 man).

1967 19
Wimbledon Pro, Boston US Pro, Wembley London Pro, Paris French Pro, Paris Indoor, Binghamton, Boston Garden, Montreal, Johannesburg, Fort Worth, Marseille (4 man), Miami, New York US Pro Indoor, New York Madison Square Garden, Newport R.R., Oklahoma, Orlando, San Diego, San Juan

1968 11
Wimbledon, Boston US Pro, Paris French Pro, Buenos Aires, Corpus Christi, La Paz RR, Los Angeles PSW Open, London Indoor, London BBC 2 (4 man), New York Madison Square Garden, São Paulo RR

1969 18
Brisbane Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open, South African Open, Boston US Pro, Wembley British Indoor, Anaheim, Baltimore, Binghamton, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, London BBC 2 (4 man), Madrid, New York Madison Square Garden Invitational, Orlando, Philadelphia US Pro Indoor, St. Louis

1970 15
Canadian Open, South African Open, Wembley British Indoor, Fort Worth WCT, Louisville WCT, Los Angeles PSW Open, Philadelphia US Pro Indoor, Queen's Club, South Orange, St. Louis WCT, Sydney, Vancouver WCT, Bretton Woods, Three Cities (Berlin, Bonn, and Saarbrücken) Round Robin (4 man), New York Champions Classic RR.

1971 7
Rome Italian Open, Berkeley WCT, Bologna WCT, Fort Worth WCT, London Indoor, New York Champions Classic RR, Hilton Head CBS Classic (4 man)

1972 5
Denver WCT, Houston WCT, Philadelphia US Pro Indoor, Richmond WCT, Toronto WCT

1973 7
Hong Kong, Miami WCT, Richmond WCT, Sydney Australian Indoor, Toronto WCT, Hilton Head WITC, Hilton Head CBS Classic

1974 6
Bretton Woods, Houston WCT, Las Vegas, Palm Desert WCT, Philadelphia US Pro Indoor, Tokyo WCT

1975 5
Caracas WCT, La Costa WCT, Orlando WCT, Puerto Rico CBS Classic, São Paulo WCT

1976 1
Detroit (RR 4 man)

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What about his doubles and mixed doubles records. To me, those are more impressive. I like to know the one with Darlene Hard in the 1960 Wimbledon Mixed doubles final where Darlene excused herself for "feminine reasons."

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Great info. I would love to see how many titles Rosewall won ... Wikipedia lists it as 132.
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