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Same as it ever was
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On the Friday, Saturday and Sunday I couldn't go to the tennis because the weather was ridiculous and about 40 degrees celsius :rolleyes:

I returned on Monday to watch Chela v Kiefer on Vodafone... left after the 2nd set because Chela was getting beaten :sad:

Watched a little doubles and wandered around before going to see Grosjean v Mathieu. It was the start of the 2nd set, and about 2 games in Kristen makes me realise that Enric Molina is umpiring the match! This was a complete distraction for me and I ended up taking 77 photos of Enric :eek::eek: Seb played well and I am pleased he had a great Australian Open again :D

Tuesday was my last day :sad: I met Kristen in the morning and we had focaccias before heading to Melbourne Park. As soon as walked in Kristen's player radar was working as she spotted Novak training with Ana!! It was the first time I'd seen Novak training all tournament. I'd seen him sitting around watching matches every day but he never seemed to practice... so I took a nice lot of photos :) Later we watched them lose their doubles match, but I guess I didn't expect them to win.

Later in the day we ran into a guy we know that is in Kristen's room at the hostel. He's a big Sharapova fan and had a day and night RLA ticket for every day of the tournament. He offered to give me his ticket for Ivan's quarter final after the woman's match had finished. I was SO grateful!! I stayed til the end and it was SOOO cold because it was warm during the day and I'd only gone in shorts. I ended up with my legs in Kristen's Swedish flag and then inserted inside my backpack to cover them up :lol: I was so sad after Ivan lost :sad: It was my first final of any kind and my first RLA tennis experience and it was a disappointing result, but I'm glad he took it to 5 sets after starting so poorly.

I think I am now an Ivan jinx after watching him lose at Kooyong too :bigcry:
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