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So I wrote the wrong time down for my exam. I would have gone to bed at 4am had I know it was at 2:30. Oh wellllll. That was embarassing (showing up to pick up my exam paper and having to be told I was supposed to be there 3.5 hours earlier), but it's nothing that can't be fixed.

I tried watching my movie but my brain is not in the mood to focus on le telly. So I'll do this, read my Quebec book, and study le French pour le examen mecredi.

I'm trying to get a taste for wine again so that I don't have to refuse to drink all my father's offerings of various wines he made when I go over there for Xmas. I developed a taste aversion to wine in highschool ... that could be a blog in itself ... and haven't enjoyed it much since. Meh. It's doing okay now, I just have to drink slowly.

Wow, I have absolutely nothing to bitch about. I missed an exam and don't even feel like whining. WTF?

I need a time out. I shall actively search out something to whine about and then return to do so. Yup.
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