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Kudos to the Shanghai crowd...

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not only packing the new International Expo Center, but also cheering enthusiastically if yet politely for all players and good plays...
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better crowds than L.A.????
it wasn't that hard to achieve that...:)
much much mucch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better crowd :D

kudos to the chinese crowd! they know what means a masters cup!
I agree, the crowd is great... a welcome change after LA last week :eek:
yeah I noticed how much they did cheer and oooo when there was an exciting rally,great shot etc.:) Nice to see lots of people there
they were fantastic!
So livelyand animated....

They were awarded with a good show today with Moya and Hewitt's match.... :)
yes great crowd! They get so involved in the matches!
Well condisering the fact that there were 10 times more people then in LA, its no competition.

But i agree, great crowd :)
Sadly this means there will be nothing to do in WTA general messages aside from bashing players.

Too bad, I was looking forward to defending the ATP ;)
Good for them, and I agree, they really know to appreciate the fact that they have a MASTERS CUP in their city.
This crowd is so great! They are so appreciative and supportive of everyone. I love all the ahhhhhh and ooooooh and screams during a point. really fun to see.
There was a rally between Hewitt and Moya with several slice shots. Every time each one hit a slice back the crowd just squealed. Even Patrick McEnroe noted how they just loved the slices. Hewitt then came in a hit a beautiful backhand volley and they squealed again. I love that crowd. And because they speak Chinese they scream out stupid guttural " 'mon Pete" and other nonsense.
Moyà on chinese crowd:

QUESTION: Carlos, this is the first time in China, in Shanghai. What do you think of the response from the Chinese crowd?
CARLOS MOYA: I think they were great. It was a great atmosphere and they were involved in the match, so when you see all the crowd involved there and supporting both players, is great. You feel better. You feel more you have to do your best and I think the crowd have been great.


QUESTION: You have the most support here in Shanghai at this tournament compared to the other seven players. Do you have anything to say to the supporters?

ANDRE AGASSI: Well, I thought it was a great atmosphere tonight. I heard it was this way yesterday for the other players too, so happy to be a part of it.


QUESTION: Do you have any comments on the Chinese spectators? Do you have any comments on the reaction of the spectators?

ROGER FEDERER: I think they're very enthusiastic and it's very comfortable crowd, they don't disturb you during the point and when there is a good point, they applaud a lot and they even scream. So I think it's very good feeling, good atmosphere out there for us players and I enjoyed a lot anyway today.


QUESTION: The crowd seemed to be right behind you. Were you surprised by how enthusiastic they were and how knowledgeable they seemed to be and in fact you seem to have a very strong following here in China?
LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, it was fantastic. Obviously in the match before me, the Safin-Moya match, I heard a lot of yelling and screaming out there, but I didn't really know what to expect, I guess. I've never played in China and I haven't played a lot in Asia, so I was a little bit unknown to how they were going to react and I think they really enjoyed the way that I play tennis, sort of wearing any heart on my sleeve out there and the way that I show emotion and get fired up when I win big points and I think they just really enjoyed it out there and it obviously helps me a lot as well.

Juan Carlos (it couldn't be perfect...but in comparison with L.A.;) )

QUESTION: Did you pay attention to the crowd? Did they react in the way you were surprised or not?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: No. The only I saw was in the court that some people is moving
when we are playing the point, between the point. But I think when pass of days, maybe is going to change something about this.

QUESTION: You notice that the crowd, the spectators were moving. Did it affect the way you play?

JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Not really. I was trying to be very concentrate, but, you know, when the people is moving, maybe you see something, but, you know, was not the key to lose the match.
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they are cheering a little louder for Andre I think
The Chinese are a great crowd! Kudos, indeed!

m!ssundaztooD said:

they are cheering a little louder for Andre I think
Yes, they were cheering more and louder for him.
m!ssundaztooD said:

they are cheering a little louder for Andre I think
That's because he has played in Shanghai before.

How sad I couldn't be there, when I came to Sydney from China last year, Marat didn't make the top 8, but this year he made his way to China, I'm in Sydney!!:confused:
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