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KIWI's Davis Cup thread !

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Why don't we have one yet? :shrug:

The draw for Germany vs. Czech Republic ::

Czech Republic - Germany
Berdych - Haas
Zib - Kiefer
Friedl/Cermak - Haas/Waske
Berdych - Kiefer
Zib - Haas

Also attached are two pictures :) ( thanks amanda for them :hug: )


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thanks for starting it :)

good luck to the whole team :)
It's the first time ever that Kiefer plays the first day of a Daviscup play-off tie.

I can't believe this guy (Nicolas) lol.He was about to lose,feeling nervous cause Tommy had lost just before him and somehow,after 3 hours 30 minutes..he won! I mean,THIS is a warrior,a champion.I don,t know if you looked at the pics on the davis cup website .there is one where he is in the arms of dc german coach,his eyes are closed.I was

Another thing,we all know Karen here in this forum,well Rita is about to hit Texas so lets all pray that she and everyone at there are all safe.
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Kiefer fights back to draw Germany level at 1-1

German number one Nicolas Kiefer came back from a second set let-down to defeat Tomas Zib of the Czech Republic 76 46 64 62 and even proceedings at one match each on the opening day of play in the World Group Play-off.

It was an impressive victory for Kiefer after Tomas Berdych had dampened German hopes with a five set win over Tommy Haas.

The first set was an even affair with neither player facing any difficulties on serve. Kiefer used his experience to storm ahead in the tiebreak though which he claimed seven points to four. Zib hit back in the second set though as he dominated on serve winning 73% of points on first serve and 100% of points on second serve.

The shock of losing the set seemed to inspire Kiefer into action as he dropped a mere six games in the last two sets to finish off victory at the Arena Liberec in the Czech Republic.

In a match in which both players claimed to be affected by nerves, Kiefer had 30 unforced errors and Zib 32, in the 3 hour 30 minute encounter.

"I felt a lot of pressure and I was nervous", Kiefer said. "The situation was not easy because we were down 0-1. It was important for me to fight through."

"I had already chances for a 2-0 lead but in the second set Tomas played really well." Asked if he would have to raise his level of play against Berdych in the reverse singles Kiefer said, "I have to be better. But I feel good and we will see on sunday."

Zib rose to the occassion as the world number 61 matched Kiefer shot for shot in the first three sets.

"I am very disappointed“, said Zib. "If I played just a bit better I think I would have beaten him." For the 29 years old Czech the first set tiebreaker was the key to the match.

"The court was extremely fast, slippery and wet. That bothered me. But for my opponent it was the same situation“, Zib said. "When the percentage of my first service went down it was tough for me to win the match."

In the second set it looked as Kiefer had the match under his belt. He led 4-3 with a break and started to play more confidently. But all of a sudden Zib stroke back. Kiefer missed an easy dropshot and the set was even. A similar situation appeared at 5-4 for Zib. The 28-year old from Hannover, Germany missed an easy smash which gave the Czech number two the set 6-4.

Kiefer seemed to be nervous since his country was already down 0-1 but nevertheless he broke Zib in the first game of the third set. At 3-2 Zib broke back and at 5-=4 Kiefer had two set points. The German converted the second one which gave him thethird set and a two sets to one lead.

In the fourth set Kiefer had the match under control. An early break and a further break to 5-2 gave him a comfortable lead, which he converted on his third matchpoint

The tie is now totally open. Tomorrow the Czechs Davis Cup-debutants Frantisek Cermak and Leos Friedl who have won five tournaments on clay in this season will most likely meet Tommy Haas and Alexander Waske in the doubles.

"The Germans have two solutions. If Haas is not feeling fit I think Rainer Schuettler will be in the team", Cyril Cuk, the Czech capitain said. Patrik Kuehnen, the German capitain, admitted that he will decide tomorrow morning who will play.
some pictures from Kiwi's match vs Zib


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Good win- great comeback Kiwi :) Glad Germany's leading after a slow start :)

Thanx for the pics
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lets hope Kiwi surprises us with a win over Berdych tomorrow!
That would be important!
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more pictures from Kiwi's match vs. Zib :)


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Thanks, great collection! :inlove: :)

Lets hope for even better pictures tomorrow! ;)
thanks for the photos :D

Good luck tomorrow Kiwi :bounce:
Kiwi lost 7-6(5) 3-6 6-3 4-6 5-7 to Berdych

after 4 hours and 29 minutes

this loss hurts :sad:
I think Kiwi cried into the towel at the end :sad:
OMG after a very long match,almost 4:30minutes,he lost! He must be in a bad mood.Well he fought hard at leat but Thomas is a very good player.
Neely said:
Kiwi lost 7-6(5) 3-6 6-3 4-6 5-7 to Berdych

after 4 hours and 29 minutes

this loss hurts :sad:
I think Kiwi cried into the towel at the end :sad:

The poor baby,I understand if he's crying,he gave it all to win this match.I coudn't see the match but just looking at the score,it is easy to understand that he fought . :sad:
kiwiteami said:
The poor baby,I understand if he's crying,he gave it all to win this match.I coudn't see the match but just looking at the score,it is easy to understand that he fought . :sad:
yes, that was very sad....
First I hope that this tough loss doesn't effect him too much for the future, I'm sure he is devasted now

Second I hope that Tommy can pull out the win now in the last rubber. It would make Kiwi feel a bit better because he would know that Germany at least won the tie and he is not looking for ways to give himself the fault for this loss.
We have to admit that it was a loser performance at the end. I think he finished with about 2-12 points. :( He was dominating the first half of the 4th set, looked like the winner at 3-2* 40-15 and he really should have won that set. In the final set he played poor games on Berdych's serve, many ue's. It's not like Berdych had many service winners, it was more Kiwi who lost those games. Now he's probably about 0-7 against top50 players in DC, would have been important for his nerves to win the match today.
:mad: It looked like a hard fought match. Berdych is good and let's not forget this is clay and that isn't Nicolas's best surface. He did quite well I think.

I think who is letting the team down is Tommy. Yes, he had the great doubles win but his is losing badly to Zib, someone who he should beat. Maybe Tommy shouldn't play the doubles, it's too much to ask for playing all 3 days. Maybe Rainer and Alexander should play the doubles :confused:

Karine, thanks for all the thoughts during the hurricane. It took a turn for the east, so Austin was spared. All we got was million people from Houston come into town. Plus, we have this huge 3 day concert in town plus the original Katrina evacuees, so between all that, traffic is horrible, no gas, no food at the stores. I can't wait for all these people to leave :mad:
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Can someone see the match right now? Tommy is palying but is Nicolas watching him play? I just want to know.

Well,I am happy that you are safe Karen.I hope that those people will leave for city soon but they are telling them to take their time,not to rush back home.In a week it should be back to normal.I hope so.
Sure, JMG. Like you say, I also think Kiwi looked like the winner in the fourth set and ffs he could not take any of the load of break points he had to put Berdych away finally. The first half of the fifth set was actually still well played, but it was obvious already that Kiwi's serve didn't work that good anymore and that he has to fight more than Berdych for his service games. The 2nd half of the fifth set was bad and Berdych was there to take the match.
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