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Kim Clijsters is on a real mission to prove she is one of the greatest tennis players of all time, but although this mission may well end up providing a positive answer, Clijsters surely realises that she doesn't have too much longer left to continue battling at the top level of women's tennis.

With this in mind, she will be determined to ensure that she is able to win at least one of the two Grand Slams that she is yet to succeed in and those following the French Open betting will realise this.

However, although her lofty ambition of doing just that may well stand a strong chance of coming true, particularly with a few other famous faces out of the running for the upcoming French Open, the fact of the matter remains that the recent injury to Clijsters means she will now struggle to be at her very best when it comes to competing against the best around in women's tennis. Anyone looking at the women's French Open betting should remember this. With the player not able to experience as much playing time on a clay surface before the tournament starts as would ideally be the case, it may end up being of key consequence to the eventual outcome of the tournament, with the change to playing on clay from playing on hard court surfaces a considerable one.

Should Clijsters fail to find that crucial touch of finesse required to become a master on clay, her task will be made that bit harder than it would have been had she been able to take advantage of a few extended practice sessions in smaller clay events to allow her to get to grips with such a demanding surface in such a competitive environment.
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