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It's Fed Cup this week and I am really looking forward to Belgium v Russia. Dementieva is a brilliant Fed Cup player. Petrova is in great form. Justine isn't. Kim's not played in weeks. Should be dramatic.

The most interesting thing for me though is Kim and Justine on the same Fed Cup team again because since the beginning of their careers there's been a lot of drama in between and it seems people like either Kim or Justine. Not many big fans of both on WTAWorld. Maybe that's because they're pretty different...

On one hand Kim is the nice-as-pie, girl-next-door, 4 times WTA Sportmanship award winner from a wealthy background and a stable family. On the other hand there's Justine - never-say-die fighter, mega talented, with a traumatic home life in the past and who is no stranger to controversy. It's no surprise then that they have polarized fans and each other at times - Kim questioned Justine's sportsmanship, Justine's coach felt Kim was treated better by the Federation, Kim's dad even intimated that Justine was on steroids. Mucho drama. They are putting on a united front this week though

I hope this puts an end to any bad feeling as it's a shame these two great champions from one small country have been joined together more in drama, than they have joined together on the one team.

I hope Belgium wins the Fed Cup. Just like Celtic won the SPL :D

And :hatoff: to Chris84 for turning half of WTAWorld into Celtic fans! :D

Celtic getting the trophy gave me a nice little excuse to have a boozy Sunday. Not that I need an excuse. You can take the girl out of Glasgow....etc.etc. ;)

Seriously though the diet starts tomorrow. Too much chocolate and crisps and booze over this Easter. Time for a detox I think (well until I go to see the Kaiser Chiefs on Friday :devil: ). I will go on a diet though, definitely. Just a little one. All this talk of food and drink makes me think if I should start the next blog entry Bridget Jones-style : XXX calories, XXX units, XXX ****. I don't smoke and I'm not single so already I'm doing better than Bridget. Result! :D
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