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*sigh* what a week. last week we had 2 girls quit. this week we had another quit and 2 guys got fired today. We used to have 17 people, we've lost 5 and another is still on vacation so we only have 11. We need about 15 people to get a normal size (1600 to 1800 pieces) truck done by 12:30 (when we are suppose to leave). Unfortunately not everyone works every truck day so we basically only have 10 people/day. And 2 of those 10 only work part of the day and most of the rest leave at 12:30 wether we are done or not.

We haven't managed to get 100% done yet this week and we left even more stuff today. we just can't keep up. and we really aren't going to be able to now that we are down another 2 people.

Told Charles that i would rather work 6 10 hour days then 5 12 hour days so we can catch up, 12 hour days just burn me out too much. anyway i'm heading to bed, i'm just too tired zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

EDITED TO ADD: whoops! forgot to tell ya'll why the guys got fired :lol:

Mike (one of the excutives) asked Garf to stay a little bit longer and do some pulls* Garf told him no. 20 minutes later Mike comes back and asks again. Garf yells 'What don't you fucking understand?! I not doing anymore fucking pulls! I'm going home!' Mike points towards his office and tells him to go there. What happened there i don't know, not sure if Jeff was in on the decision or not but Garf was fired :lol: swearing at an excutive, in the middle of the store, in front of custumers is not a good idea :rolls:

the other guy, well all charles would say was that it was one of the new guys who didn't do enough and whined too much :lol: he wouldn't tell us more cause they hadn't officially fired him yet :haha: we knew before he did :haha: they figured they needed to fire him before he hit his 90 days since it is way easier to fire him before then after

*pulls: our term for a tub filled with product that has to be stocked
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