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Guccione to beat Evans at the odds of 1.67

Not to much to say here. Looks like a clear class difference between these players, I won't stick to Evans' Waikoloa results at all, as he had a lot of luck beating Cleveland. Guccione had a final in Adelaide, lost to Djoko and I can't see No. 2 being out in first round of this Joplin's Challenger.

Healey to beat Dorsch at the odds of 2.15

No idea again. Odds compilers propably didn't follow the challenger in Dallas and that's why Dorsch is such big favourite here. He had got problems in final with his arm, as far as i remember and I won't expect him to get back into strike so early. Remember that he couldn't serve well in both sets, even Kendrick admit it. Healey coming after a win in Tasmania, should be considered as a favourite in this one. Huge value in my eyes.

Witten to beat Smyczek at the odds of 1.51

Smyczek is through by the qualifications, to be honest one of the weakest draw a player could dream about. Defeated Lingman and Obradovic in straight sets, now has to face Jesse. Witten was somehow slow and bad in first two tours he played so far, but hey, who he had to face? Ram in Waikoloa and Kendrick, next Champion in Dallas? Right now it's the time to get this important win and play with Sweeting propably in 2nd round. Just to add that both h2h games were won by Witten, both in straight sets. Today should be another quick story, I would expect 6-2, 6-3.

One other to watch for today:
Sweeting to beat Young at the odds of 1.67
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