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Widom to beat Odesnik at the odds of 1.909

I really don't know, why Odesnik has been set as a favourite in this matchup. Surely he is ranked higher than Todd, but it shouldn't be a factor. First of all, Wayne made some upsets this year - lost in first round to Kuznetsov in Noumea, then reached semis in Waikoloa(to be honest we can say, that beaten opponents like David Martin and Bruno Echagara were class above than Widom). Last week 2nd round in Dallas, lost to Fleishman in straight sets. Todd on the other hand is a player, which has my respect. Even if we take under consideration, that he played just a single challenger this year and three futures, he gets my vote. I especially liked him in Dallas, where he has been defeated by shining star, Dorsch, which if not been injuried would propably reach final. He's quite good server and on this surface he shouldn't have any problems against Wayne. Just to mention, that H2H is 3-0 for Widom, all on hard courts. I would take Widom to get it in straight sets.

Ryderstedt to beat Goodall at the odds of 1.847

Again can't understand odds compilers. Goodall is having weak start in new year, lost both games played so far with very average opponents, Fleishman and Crugnola in first rounds and will have problems today against better Swedish player today. Ryderstedt did well so far, played two futures and managed to reach 2nd round of Dallas Ch, being defeated to Warburg, but has got the advantage in this matchup. He had beaten Goodall at once in Bath F5 on hard surface in straight sets and should manage to do the same today.

Other picks, without analysis but I'm a little bit busy today:
Baker to beat Gonzalez at the odds of 1.68
Simmonds to beat Monroe at the odds of 1.69
Reynolds to beat Kuznetsov at the odds of 1.73
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