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I think it's only right to pen (i was going to write 'write' but that would be too many right/writes in one sentence, right?! :p) a new entry since my favourite (and only?!) and much beloved reader is in the mix again :hug:

Who knows if you'll stay around long enough to read this, but i know you'll come by when you can :)

I would update you on the greatness that is my life, but there's nothing great to really report about. I won't bore you with boy-drama, it's so tired and old. And this time next month, it'll be so over :lol: This is precisely why i don't, nor ever have, kept a diary. It just is too weird reading back on previous entries and reading thoughts that i had in the past. It sometimes seems like a whole other person, most of the time it's because i write the entries when i'm in a particularly passionate it passionately angry, happy or whatever. Just extreme feelings, so if i ever go back and read it, it's like WHOA. So i tend not to read back over my old entries even here, but i do have a peek every now and then, it's interesting :p

And apart from that, folks, there's not much. I was thinking i might change my degree. I don't know, i'm not all that thrilled doing the course that i am at the moment. Apart from the fantastic people i've met there, i don't think there's much holding me there. I'm not fascinated by the course and i always imagined i would be at university. I don't know. I'm going to think it over, over summer and make my decision when my first year results are in, it's the best way of dealing with it, that i can think of anyway!

Until next time, my dears!

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