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Jarkko Nieminen Cheering Thread

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camoon jarkko!!! you are the best!!
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Let's go Jarkko! Go long in this tourney!
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Good luck against Rainer! Gooooooooooo Jarkko! :D
Good luck Jarkko! Keep same way going on like last two weeks :worship:
yes, give jarkko more from me :kiss:

this is from his doubles& rainer :lol:


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:woohoo: Go Jarkko :D
it seems that jarkko is in good shape so guy, good luck in ChinaOpen :kiss:
Jarkko :banana:
J. Nieminen d. R. Schüttler 6-4 6-2

Great win! It's now against Thomas Johansson in the 2nd round. Jarkko beat him in Stockholm Open 2001 6-4 6-2, so let's hope the match is going to be like it was in Jarkko's breakthrough tournament!
the pix from his match-interview though not clear enough :lol:


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Come on Jarkko! :D Don't be a second round loser here!

I predict a 7-6 6-2 tomorrow! :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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