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another lovely night at work :rolleyes: they won't let flow & backroom stay late enough to get the backstocking done so there are skids & skids of backstock everywhere in the backroom. it is getting to the point we can barely function back there. problem is that half of it has been sitting around long enough that it will have to be repushed before it can be backstocked otherwise it will mess up the counts

jeff and i got into it a couple of differant time on a few differant issues. appartently i nothing more than a dumb blonde to him :mad: i wanted to kill him so badly it was all i could do to not quit & then punch him. i, plus a few other people, just keep reminding me 'it is just until friday. you go to the floor on sunday, you can make it.'

one more day, that is all i've got to get through

looks like I am not the only one having problems at work .
Keepin there Nicki hope your new position is a lot better
(ps thanks for the card and letter [/hug]
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