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Hello Everyone!

I just have a few comments to clarify some questions that I have been receiving. Ok, for points, please send them to IWATOUR. This is so when I am absent, Wotjek can run the tournament without asking everyone to send points for him. We both have this password so we will both be able to do tournaments. The main reason for this is because Anna had sent me points for Charleston, but not to Wotjek, so she got a W/O because I was away and unable to send him her points. So just please sned your points to IWATOUR.

Another thing is Doubles. I'd really like to see Duobles interest increase, because we really have samll draws. I can't stress enough, please post your team in the specific tournament thread! There are many doubles teams, and it is difficult to remember each one. So just please post doubles teams is every tournament thread! Thanks!

Thanks Everyone 4 Your Time! :D

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