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IW: Rd 3: Rafael Nadal defeats Donald Young 6-1,6-3

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Nadal def. The Don 6-1 6-3

Slightly better from Rafa, his forehand takes well to this court and he can almost play matches like a clay court. His backhand is going to get him into serious trouble though, his slice is useless and his loopy 'lacking in depth' moonballs will get him nowhere against a good opponent. Mathieu/Tsonga will punish them.

Disappointing from The Don, showed glimpses of what he can do but was very tight and missed far too many easy balls. Needs to add a bit of beef to some of his shots (especially the serve) and he's got a potentially strong career ahead of him.

Good point on match point :lol:
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Young hit tons of unforced errors, some:retard: but also a much better performance from Rafa compared to the last match.
Nadal still sucks
Re: Nadal def. The Don 6-1 6-3

Nadal was getting good depth today but it was all passive depth. Look at the vicious FH's he was hitting last year and the ones he showed today just don't compare. Yes, 1 and 3 and never in doubt is always good regardless of performance but still, aggression was very low today.
Re: Nadal def. The Don 6-1 6-3

Thought Donald had the potential to push Nadal harder in the match but it was not to be. Had a chance to break back in final game, but hey, well done to Rafa!
Re: Nadal def. The Don 6-1 6-3

Tsonga will kick the shit out of him with his play
gulbis would have killed nadal! anyway he is gone in the next round
Re: Nadal def. The Don 6-1 6-3

Not far from the 6-2 6-1 i predicted

and just give Rafa a W/O into the QF if Mathieu wins as well :eek:
Once again, it's tough to deduce Nadal's form from this match.
Young was really bad in the first set, then got a little better but played some shocking points to get broken.
Re: Nadal def. The Don 6-1 6-3

Not terribly impressed by Nadal, despite the score. He's going to need to play a lot better than that next round regardless of who he plays.
Craptastic match from BOTH.

Young: 13 winners, 31 UEs
Rafa: 14 winners, 25 UEs -

sums up the match quite well. :help: :help: :help:

Ah well - a win is a win, glad Rafa came though - but he'll most definitely have to diminish his number of sloppy UEs to have any chance to continue his title here... :scared:

Young - well, obviously not there yet, though he did make some very nice shots - but also a gazzillion of UEs.
Not quite ready for this big stage in the mental department either, to say the least. :tape:
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How could LaLo lose a match to this Muyoung? :retard: :(
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Re: Nadal def. The Don 6-1 6-3

An improvement on the last round.

He wasn't as horrible as he has been.

Young was rubbish.
what a mug this Young, so many stupid errors :retard:
I switched this match on in the middle of the 2nd set and was surprised about the lack of quality. Short moonballing, full of unforced errors. From what I saw, Nadal was poor, but Young was absolutely hopeless.
Re: Nadal def. The Don 6-1 6-3

You'll need to step it up Rafito :) but a win's a win :hatoff:
Re: Nadal def. The Don 6-1 6-3

Tsonga will kick the shit out of him with his play
I've been hugely critical of Nadal recently, but I'm not sure he would. It'll be close, but Tsonga won't be able to cream winners like he could at the Aussie Open.

If Nadal can find a decent length I'd like his chances, Tsonga isn't looking that impressive. And if it's PHM, he probably doesn't have the mental fortitude to beat him.
Well so far Nadal didn't really need to play that well. If Tsonga gets through that will really show in what form he is.
And I had to watch this match instead of Tsonga/Mathieu! :banghead:

Nadal wasn't even good.
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