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I can't believe it... Paulo's turned 25 already! :dance:

That's how long I've known Paulo and come to appreciate what he's doing :)

I really wish you the best. :angel:

:hug: :smooch:

---- Some of my favorite quotes ----

+ Let there be two kind of people in your life... people who you love and people who love you.

+ Love is big. It casts a bright light in the universe. And a bright light casts a big shadow.

+ Thinking you're the worst person is no different than thinking you're the best. It's giving yourself a place in the universe you haven't earned.

+ Just because you don't know what the right reason is... doesn't make your answer right or even okay!

+ The world doesn't go away just because you want it to.

+ Every new decision is another chance to do the right thing.


:zzz: :yawn: I've never known that being a med student is this boring! :p

AO 1st Round: Paulo vs Nando :eek: It's not going to be easy BUT you CAN DO IT, Paulo! :rocker2: ALLEZZZZZZ!!!!! :bounce:
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