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OMG! Too long no update! :eek: I've been so busy before my holidays started, but that's been almost 2 weeks ago too :eek: Too much to tell you and I don't think I can do it all now ;) I'm keeping a journal since the 1st of January and I TRY too keep up, but doesn't always work .. :angel: I'm 6 days behind now :p But still got other things to do and at night I'm too tired to write ..
But anyway :p Mmm, what has happened to me the last few weeks? My ex is still my ex :p No hard feelings, I'm just not talking to him anymore .. I dunno what to say, and when I did it always ended after a few minutes .. How DEAD is that?! So stopped wasting my time on him .. Hahaha, some friends said I was weird (in a sarcastic way), because a few months ago I was MAD about him and now he's just the lowest person I can imagine! It's not that I hate him or anything, not at all! I'm just wondering what I saw in him sometimes :rolleyes: .. But I guess we all have that sometimes after we broke up .. But I got over him pretty quick! It was a decission we made together .. So we're moving on! ... And I certainly did :angel: Not that I'm seeing anyone at the moment .. Well .. Not yet .. I met him almost 2 weeks ago at a friends b-day party and we were just laughing and having fun, but we stayed in contact after that and it's going pretty okee :) Flirting with each other from time to time, we text and he's coming over tomorrow! :D Really looking forward to it, because I really like him. We just connect on a cool level, one that I don't reach so fast with other guys, if you know what I mean ;) But we're just friends now, we've only met 2 weeks ago! We'll see how it goes! I am ready, but he just broke up with a gf he had for 1,5 years :eek: So that's kind of a shock for him :awww: But I'm trying to help him and het him back on his feet! :D
My grades have been pretty good too! :D Had my oral exams the week before my holidays and I had Dutch, Spanish and English.. It all went GREAT! I had to read 8 books for Dutch and just be 'the expert' of that, for Spanish it was kind of an interview; just tell something about yourself etc. etc. And for English I had to read a book and 5 articles..
ACED THEM ALL! :D Got a 7.5 for Dutch :woohoo: an 8 for Spanish :woohoo: and a 9 (!!!!!!!) for English! :eek: :banana: :woohoo: OMG! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! Highest grade of all my fellow students! I was sooooo proud/extremely happy! My holidays couldn't be ruined! ;) And my holidays were a blast too! :woohoo: I've spent my last 2 holidays studying for all my tests and now I FINALLY had some time off! Didn't touch a SINGLE schoolbook :nerner: I even had a few days where I was BORED! OMG! How long has that been :haha: But I enjoyed every minute of it! But it passed by waaaay too fast :sad:
Now I'm busy with school again .. But not as busy as I was .. :p My next finals are in 2 weeks and school finishes for me in just 4 weeks! Then it's all studying, studying, studying for my exams in May!
Gotta go now .. Talk to ya soon! :wavey: :smooch:
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