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Well I tought i should write more in my blog, and now I am in the mood for writing so here it goes :p

Snow- there is so much of it here. Its a snow storm. Wind and snow. Bleah. Last week it was hot. I was walking around in a jeans jacker and a t-shirt and now *freezing*. The Italians came and left with the good weather :p

Tomorrow- its the 1st of March. Important day here. We have a celebration called "Martisor", guy give these little symbols of the spring to girls. Its nice, I really like it :). Even if its snowing its still the last day of winter :D :D :D

School- hrmm my Italian is getting much better but my marks at it are getting smaller *hmmm* whatevs, i had logics today i got a 3 :p the teacher just hates me, oh well I hate him as well. I got a 10/10 in chem :banana: Thats kind of :eek: considering the kind of teacher that i have. Oh and a 7 in physics :mad: :eek:. School is so boring without the Italians... really they made it funny :p

29th of Feb- Happy birthday Olga :aparty: :hug:

I am watching snooker atm. Paul still looks sick :sad: But better than the last time i saw him :D :inlove: he is down 3-4 now. I hope he can win. He lost every single match this year. I dont want him to be sick anymore :bigcry: For those of you who read this and have no idea who am I talking about: Paul Hunter, my fave snooker player, sick of colon cancer :sad:

The Italians- well we had a great week, and we allready miss them :sad: Great guys :yeah:. I think i'd have more to write probably on this but oh well :p some other time maybe. You've seen pics anyway. Guys are hot, girls are pretty :)

Paul Hunter lost now 3-5 :bigcry: Its so sad for him :sad: *heartbroken*.​

There are some people here that always make me smile :) Thank you :hug: I am not having the best week possible so far.

Love ya :kiss:
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