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Isn't doubles best of 3?

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Or is it also best of 5? If it is men's?
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During the mixed doubles last night they played something called a super tie breaker after the teams split the first two sets. This is supposed to be some new thing to increase interest in doubles. It didn't work for me.
Well, I'm just wondering about this men's doubles match right now... I want to see Hewitt already! Go Lleyton!!
men's doubles are best of 3 in USO this year.
dmit, enjoy the doubles.
It's normally best of 3 at the USO. I'm just grateful that they seem to be playing a full third set this year instead of the extended tie-break that they did institute previously to replace the deciding set.
ae wowww said:
dmit, enjoy the doubles.
I think they are showing the Verdasco/Nieminen match, though.
It's only best-of-5 from the QFs onwards (or something) at Wimbledon.
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