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(1)Urumov vs. Bye
Kuznetsov vs. (7)Spencer
(6)Thranduilion vs. Bitchson
Spears vs. (4)Golduck
(3)Lapentti vs. Keller
Hayden vs. (8) Diggory
(5)Seles vs. Michael-Ferrero
Bye vs. (2)Esaiasson

(1)Hayden/Spears vs. Bye
Diggory/Urumov vs. (4)Esaiasson/Keller
(3)Golduck/Seles vs. Thranduilion/Timberlake
Bye vs. (2)Lapentti/Spencer

Buenos Aires

(1)London vs. Bye
Bye vs. Almasy
Dante vs. Conde-Martinez
Bye vs. (2)Daniilidou

(1)Almasy/Daniilidou vs. (2)Dante/London
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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