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Is this the most legendary shot of all time?

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I found it very hard to dislike Djokovic from that moment on. Not because of the point, but because of his reaction afterwards.

Brilliant, can you imagine fooling around at such an important moment? The epitome of confidence right there.
Not even close.
After watching this vid for the ####time i start thinking it's a hair ahead of the other very significant GOAT shot (Fed inside out against Haas at RG), because i just figured out it was a trap!

Djokovic was standing almost half a meter inside the center of the court inciting the serve that followed :eek: :eek:

Whatta cunning mofo, hats off!
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What a shot, what a point, what a sportsman :worship::worship::worship:
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Not even close.


P.S.: Trolling attempt 2/10.
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In itself the shot is great, but not legendary. But when taking the circumstances in consideration you can quite well argue for it being the most legendary shot of all time.
I knowed it was a Nole shot when I entered in this thread. I'm a genius.

On topic, very good return in very tight moment, but that is. Federer's serve was quite weak.

More like Federer's tweener against Gymnast in their 2009 semi :angel:
Gymnast's smash against Dull at the FO this year :bowdown:
More like Federer's tweener against Gymnast in their 2009 semi :angel:

:haha: Roger smug face at first MP.
Sweet days :drool:
Fed match point down against dull

Or a brilliant little dropper he played against Murray at wimby final

Even the way he won the second set

All much better

Nole has huge huge balls tho
It's hard to label 'any shot' as the most legendary of all time. We couldn't even agree on the most legendary match of all time, not alone a single shot.

However, that return winner happened when everything seemed to be over for Djokovic. I'd call that shot maybe one of 'the most dramatic' shots of all time ... I still think that had Fed stayed composed and calm he would've closed that match. Remind you, it was still a match point (40:30) after Novak hit that FH return winner. Even at deuce, Fed was still serving ... but we all know what happened.

So it was all about drama, momentum, tension ...
The only thing legendary is the context. Skill wise it's just a normal "great" shot.
Haha, the DjokoJaw was on full display. As if he was saying "don't worry, watch this."

one of those rare tennis moments that linger in your mind forever :worship:
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Fed's "class" was on full display after the match,
he smugly moaned "he's not allowed to hit that kind of shot." :haha:
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