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The name Roger Federer is synonymous with the game of tennis. He is the grand master of tennis, with a record 17 Grand Slam titles and 77 titles in total to his name. Federer’s star quality is starting to wane, though, leaving people wondering if he is capable of winning a Grand Slam title again.

Like any sports star, age is a contributing factor to success. Federer is currently 32-years-old, which in tennis terms means that he’s close to retirement. The Swiss is currently ranked sixth in the world; the five players above him have an average age of 27.6. Being five years older than his rivals is a huge disadvantage for Federer; while his body is still impressive it is not as good as it would have been when he was 27.

The younger the body the more toil it can take, and the less time it needs to recover. One could argue that if Andy Murray played a gruelling five-set tennis match he would recover a lot faster than Roger.

When Federer goes into a tennis match after playing a long game prior, his younger opponents stand a better chance of beating him, as his legs will tire faster, which in a tennis match obviously spells catastrophe. His Grand Slam record this year shows he’s aging, going out in the second round of Wimbledon and the fourth round of the US Open in matches that truly rocked the tennis odds with operators like Betway.

Before Federer, Pete Sampras was the proverbial giant of the tennis world. The American won an impressive 14 Grand Slam titles, the last of these coming in 2002 at the US Open at the age of 31. After this, Sampras never competed again.

Another great was Jimmy Connors; he won his last title at the age of 31, while Ivan Lendl won his last major title at the age of 30. With the power of hindsight one can assume that Federer will not win another major. Tennis history shows that men do not win titles once they get into their thirties, mainly due to the emergence of the next generation of players.

The current top three players in the world, namely Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, also significantly hinder Federer’s chances of another title. These three players are young, hungry and overall phenomenally good tennis players. Due to Federer’s standing in the rankings it’s likely he would be seeded sixth in tennis tournaments meaning he’d have to play one of these fantastic players before the semi-finals.

However this is Roger Federer we’re talking about. If any tennis player were still capable of winning tournaments in his thirties Federer is the man. On his day Federer is still the best player in the world; while his legs have gone, his shot selection and natural ability remain. If he can avoid being sucked into an arduous battle on-court and use his brain, Federer has every chance of winning games.

In sum, Federer is not the player he once was but it takes a brave man to say he is finished. If he gets lady luck on his side and plays the best tennis he can, then he still has a chance of winning another major title.
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