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is it too late?

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heey guys!! :help:
i was just wondering if it is too late to become really good tennis player, I am already 17. But I really want to play in competive tournaments but I just don't have the time with school and stuff. but i play at least 5 times a week and i have one training per week (i don't think this is enough). but i know you have to scarifice a lot to become high in the junior tennis, but its something that i really want. :) could you please give me your opnion about this, i would appericate it! :wavey: sandra
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well if your 17 and play 5 times a week i don't think u have a of what your getting into. If your worried about school ad things like that not really. You could become good say on your highschool team but not pro. I myself am 15 and started at the age of 8. I play 6-7 days a week around 2-3 hours a day and i still a lot of things to learn.
lol. bring it on. ;)
ok i was just thinking for my college team in the future, my highschool doesn't have a tennis team...which sucks!! :(
you still need to be very advanced to play on a good college team it;s not as easy as you think
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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