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He lost his serve when he had the chance to make it to a tiebreak twice in todays final (RG 14)
He put every effort in Miami 14 to win it on return so he didn't have to serve for the match. It was really obvious there that he didnt want to serve for the match.
Older example but in the 2011 US Open SF, he didn't saved break points he saved match points on return and went on to win the match.
Do you have other examples for that? I think this is really a big weakness from him, in todays match absolutely, he could win the tibreak in the second for 2-0 and he could force Nadal to a fifth set if he would be better on his serve in tight situations. In the third set he made a big fight for a match point and if I remember correctly, he lost his serve after again ?or barely hold it?. Maybe this is the reason for trying to improve serve and volley tactics?
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