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is coria the greatest chocker on tour?

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Is coria the greatest choker on tour?

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Re: Is coria the greatest chocker on tour?

he'd like to be, but he isn't :p
Re: Is coria the greatest chocker on tour?

He got beaten. He was lucky he got to 5 sets the way he's been playing - and serving.
Re: Is coria the greatest chocker on tour?

perhaps you'd like to edit that to say 'choker' I think a chocker is something else entirely. :D
He was certainly chock a block with double faults today, but I don't think so overall. I started a thread questioning his mental toughness after he had completed the claycourt Slam of defeats in finals with the Nadal loss in Rome (bearing in mind he was a double break up in the fifth set there). There are worse chokers out there, but it's definitely become clear in the last couple of years that he is a mentally up and down sort of player - you can't quite put him in the same lionhearted category as, say, Hewitt and Nadal.
No...................... Maybe in the Top 10....................

But the answer has to be no due to his no. 8 ranking.
are u kidding me? not even close
Pfffft, sorry that title has already been taken by the lovely Mathieu :hearts:

He lacks belief in his serve, I think after his shoulder problems he hasnt been the same player but he has shown a lot of fight in the last few tournaments he has played. He needs a big win and maybe a new serving coach to help him out.
bad gambler said:
are u kidding me? not even close
buddy, he is the first player in like 80 years to loose the final of roland garros after having matchpoint, he lost the longest final in rome's history after being 3/0 up in the last set.
and as the match of today he had many similar ones before.
not even close
No, he didn't have mp today :D
awh, jennifer cap has been doing it much better for much longer. ;) she is the queen and king of choke.

but actually, the real chokers don't make it that far into the match. coria shows the fight and moxie in the toughest situations a player can face, time and again. mcenroe was showing tons and tons of respect for him throughout the broadcast, and he knows a fighter when he sees one...he never let go of his support for guille throughout the match, and it was great to see since so many commentators live in confusion regarding what coria is about.

but coria has had a problem with his nerves in a very specific situation, 3 times...04 RG, 05 Rome, & 05 USO. thats undeniable. but those have not been defining characteristics as a player, and its something he will have to get through. One win in that same situation will probably be all it takes to break through it. If it were 'so easy' to do, the drama of his career would be less. There are so many years ahead for him to have the maturity to close like the champion he is.
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i don't think so.

although i feel bad for him. seems like destiny overlooked him for greatness after that '04 FO final
nope, look at ljubicic ancic and mathieu
way bigger chokers
megadeth said:
i don't think so.

although i feel bad for him. seems like destiny overlooked him for greatness after that '04 FO final
destiny is just building a tougher model of greatness in him. ;) it takes time. look at agassi.
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