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doesn't matter as long as he beats ANDY...but i guess he likes AGASSI nowadays....
Q. Are you confident of beating Andy Roddick?
MIKHAIL YOUZHNY: Now I play good. But if it's enough beat Roddick, it's okay. If not enough, I go to practice and maybe I beat him next time.
But I want to go into court and play my best game for today, for tomorrow. That's it. If it's enough for winner, it's okay. But if I lost, no problem.

Q. Do you ever play in this tournament which you admire the most because he does what he wants, because he practice well, one or two in this tournament which you like a lot?
MIKHAIL YOUZHNY: Many -- not many last years, it's Agassi. I like how he play, everything, what he doing.

Q. And Steffi Graf, too, or no?
MIKHAIL YOUZHNY: Only Agassi (smiling).
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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