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Is Andy Murray too defensive?

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Is Andy Murray too defensive to reach the top the game? Throughout Queens and Wimbledon, the majority of the times he was just trying to get the ball back into play, and very rarely being the aggressor. His game reminds me a bit of Chang, but without the fitness and footspeed. Even if Murray improves his fitness, does he have the game and power to reach the top in this day and age?
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blablabla. Think what you want!
Federer_Express said:
blablabla. Think what you want!
i was going to!
another example of the hypocrisy on this board. murray is fine and liked, when he is clearly a less talented, weaker, slower and much more irritating version of lleyton hewitt!!
oh well:rolleyes:
lol Bad gambler!

I was really surprised the first time i saw murray play, i'd heard a lot about him and was really excited and he is skinny etc but he can't half serve and hit the ball hard. Come on, he can serve 130 mph. That is good.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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