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Am i becoming invisible? it seems that nobody sees me. My feeling of loneliness grows up day after day. I more and more wonder why i'm so generous and careful with people whereas i have almost nothing in return.
Too much so-called friends around me who say they would call me and never did (or writte), too much friends who don't want to understand i'm not fine, too much people who doesn't know how to say a simple "thank you" and prefer ignoring me properly.
What about my dear ex-best friend who suddenly thinks he's in love with me? that's unbearable. He doesn't see i have nothing to do with his problems. As usually, i was there for him for years, when everybody around him got away from him in crisis time but he had forget about that. i'm the past.
Maybe i see everything in black these days and i will be better later but now melancoly seems to be back for good. I expect nothing to feel better, i know Davis cup will be boring as my dear Lleyton won't be there, i already know Barcelona and RG won't be peaceful for me.

I just want to spend my time in my bed eating junk food until i became fat, at least i won't be invisible like that! :lol:
I think i will stop to post pics on the players forums, it seems obvious that nobody pays attention to them so i will keep them for myself maybe.... I'm invisible and useless, even here. That's my life...

then David lost.. something tells me that Hugo will follow him... bad karma.
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