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Introducing Ryan Nikolaos Sampras

Tennis star and actress Pete and Bridgette Wilson-Sampras also sat down with People for their Oh Baby column this week to discuss their second son Ryan, born on July 29th. Highlights include:

This pregnancy happened a bit sooner than they planned-"I had a goal before I got pregnant again of hitting normal weight...then I got pregnant again and I was like, 'Well, there goes that!." She was only 6 pounds heavier than normal though!

-First son Christian was a big help during pregnancy-every morning he would ask mom if she needed cocoa butter, and rub it on her stomach!

-Daddy Pete cut the cord, and Bridgette said he also is a great diaper changer-when he has to be. "He'll quietly try to do the hand off to me before I can tell [the baby's diaper is dirty], which I think is hilarious."

-Is there a third Sampras child in the future? "Never say never...but two is just perfect for now!" says Bridgette.


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ella, a thousand thanks, he is so cute and little :D

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ella andry said:
No problem angiel. :) :) If you can find the article, you could scan it and post it, if it isn't problem. :) :) :worship: :angel: :wavey:

I found the magazine and I did buy it - now I have it to add to my collection :worship: :D do you know I have these large scrap books of all things Pete Sampras :angel: :) I do. :wavey: :wavey:

In the article they say that both boys exchange gifts, right after Ryan was born, a toy car for Christian and a stuff animal for Ryan. :kiss: :drool:

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PoshTots 'Seals' the Deal With More Celeb Clients

Klum, McDermott, Sampras, Bratt and Stiller Top the List

RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- PoshTots continues to add to their
long list of Hollywood clients. Most recently Dylan and Shiva Rose McDermott,
Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor and Benjamin Bratt and wife Talisa Soto also
have called upon PoshTots to create a special environment for their new
arrivals. Also among the list are Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson, who
recently gave birth to their second son.

Supermodel Heidi Klum and singing sensation Seal knew where to turn when
searching for the perfect environment for their daughter Leni's room.
PoshTots founders and lead designers Karen Booth Adams and Andrea Edmunds
have amazing plans for little Leni's room, where she'll feel as if she stepped
into a fairy tale. Klum and Seal have chosen a look similar to PoshTots'
Gingerbread Cottage Bed -- a custom-made, hand-painted bed and play loft
combination. A door opens to reveal kid-sized stairs to the second level play
area. A hand-painted Secret Garden Armoire and Bunny Hutch Toy Chest,
resembling a real bunny, complete the look of the fairy tale themed room.
"Our design strategy is simple," states Adams. "We create environments
where little ones are inspired to dream big, be creative and play; a place
where the family can come together to relax and share special moments
In May 2005, PoshTots launched a brand expansion to target the adult home
furnishings market as well. -- Luxury Furnishings for Real Life
-- has begun to find worldwide fans in search of unique and inspiring
furnishings for other rooms of the home.
Known in media circles as the "go-to source for celebrity parents,"
founders Adams and Edmunds developed Poshtots into a multi-million dollar
business with their lengthy roster of celebrity clients and television
appearances. Exposure on VH1, Friends, Stuart Little 2, Access Hollywood and
countless number of print magazines has elevated the brand to the top of the
children's luxury furnishings niche. PoshTots combines the convenience of the
Web with the hands-on feel of a boutique.
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