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Hel-l-lloo! all tommy fans out there.I have not seen any introduction thread for new fans like me so i decided to open a new thread myself and for all those who likes tennis "Tommy style"

I have seen Haas play for some time now including the year he apprently reached his peak as the number two player in the world.Its saddening to know that injuries have occurred too often for Tom to actually play at his best and be competitive.If he was not injured,a top ranking may have been a reality.However,I do not want to dwell on the negatives-THIS IS A FAN FORUM-so let me spell out the positives that i know:Tom has a great backhand-may not be so elegant as federer's but nonetheless fantastic-its a treat to watch.His on-court intelligence is possibly one of the best amongst current competition(Roddick's defeat at the Wells is testamony to the stated fact).Its a pity that he could not play the match against the top ranked player in the world due to sinus-it would have likely have been a classic.Haas needs to recover his lost form as soon as possible to go toe to toe with the top ten;there are very few players with overall on-court intelligence of his calibre and competition of his kind would only make the game more interesting.
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