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In the May issue of German tennismagazin, there's an interesting interview with Stefan Edberg, released last month just before the Berenberg Bank Classic exhibition between the Swede former world number one and Goran Ivanisevic.

There are many nice aspects in this interview that I translated into English for my tribute to Edberg website,

Maybe the most curious is the part where Stefan talks about his first meeting with Bjorn Borg, when he was just a promising kid in Sweden. But it's also nice to know that he has worked on his forehand, notoriously his weaker side, since his retirement from the tour... Have you ever wondered how Christopher, Stefan's sixteen year old son, plays tennis? There's a question about that, too. And if you're going to London for the Championships this year, know that you might be lucky enough to meet Edberg, because, like last year, he'll be there again!

Read the English translation»
Download the pdf clipping of tennismagazin»


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