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Called the solicitor's office again. The secretary gave me an interview for next Tuesday. I have the morning off, but no she said 2pm. :rolleyes: I have a class from 2pm to 5pm, then I drive to the courthouse and I plead between 6:30 and 8:30.

But as it was already very difficult i said I was ok for next week. Now I'll have to explain this to secretaries at school. They'll be mad at me. :scared: Especially as it's not a general lecture for everyone, it's one of the optional lectures I chose. We had to pick 15 lectures, and now i'll miss this one. I'm not sure I can arrive in the middle of it. Probably not. People in class today said I should abandon this option and pick another.
Because otherwise only 14 options will be done and i'll be in trouble. Probably the only solution indeed. I'll have to go talk to the secretaries, listen to them while they're barking at me :shout: , then ask them which options are still open (meaning they haven't been done already) and pick one (hopefully those remaining aren't on boring matters :yawn: ).

Apart from that, went to the pleading exercises and there were the files for next week. My pleading session of april has been cancelled so at school they said I'd plead next week. I wasn't sure there would been enough files so I let the people who were already supposed to plead choose their cases and i waited to see if there was one left for me.
There was one, I opened it and read the first page to see what it was about and read:
on October 2005, Mr X was in his car parked in front of a primary school, he suddenly felt all 'alerted' by a group of 4 girls (aged 8-10) going out of school, and he pulled off his trousers, started rubbing his hand on his body and showing his..."
And this is where I said: "oh nooooooooooooo".:tape: Grrr, they gave me the only case about sexual exhibition there was.:banghead: And you know in February 2 ppl had a similar case but at least the victim was an adult woman. In my case he did it in front of young girls! and I read a few pages already, it seems he's denying everything. :rolleyes: Gosh, pleading will be tough for me next week.

So Tuesday:
- 2pm, interview for an internship.
- 6:30pm, defending a pervert.

hmmmm :lick: :p :smash:
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