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Thought I'd do a copy/paste of what I wrote on Facebook about the Interpol show...

Firstly, the show was outstanding. Not a great deal of people there at the start. [I was constantly drawing comparisons to the AFI show, wondering how packed the Hordern would be -quite!] Unfortunately, we sat through about an hour of Youth Group. I don't have a problem with them, IMO they do not fit the genre...and the rude, screaming Interpol fans were a testament to this. Also, the lead singer is bizarre, or maybe it's his hair or because he sings like a lady, or they had very little energy. The music was 'nice', and any other day I would be into it - ideally EITS/Elbow. YG songs didn't seem to climax, they were consistent throughout. In fact I was almost bored having to sit through music I should be liking.

The Interpol set went for 90 minutes; but very little interaction with the crowd, which I always think is a nice touch. Much like AFI, only really said Thanks between songs. Paul later made an entire sentence with 'You guys rock!'. They waltzed out with cigarettes in their mouths [*cough*emphysema*cough* (get it!?)]. Whatever floats their boat; cigarettes = Brian Molko to me. But it seemed to be a theme throughout the evening, as several people lit up cigarettes / weed beside us. I cursed Lung Cancer upon them cause "that's how I roll".

We were maybe 10 [tall/hairy] people or so from the front. Plenty of tall people in front of us. It's not so much standing in front, as it is 'wedging' between the personal space between 2 people. It's funny how at the beginning of the night, you get to know the back of a guys shirt/head. You have no problem with him. But once he starts jumping around/on you, blocking your view completely etc, you have no qualms about digging those elbows into his ribs. Also teeny boppers who decide they want to be up the front, after the show started. Find another way past sweetheart. Alternatively, use your manners instead of attempting (and failing) to push me out of your way. I will not hesitate to stand on your Chucks but I am most obliging with an 'excuse me please'. Foresight next time.

My regular problem seems to be attracting:
a) Big Asian guys with no balance, and big 'styled' hair. *Placebo / Interpol
b) White boys with blindspot-causing afro's. I'm sorry. I don't want your festy curly hairs inside my mouth. Plus, your hair is ugly! *Interpol, Aussie band at the Gaelic.

There were some strange song choices in the set list. Very slow, not necessarily showing off vocals....maybe to catch their [and our] breath? However, after the quietest, longest song on the set, the band broke into EVIL. Evil is how I became interested in them. Here is the video. The entire crowd got right into it. We were all singing to the top of our lungs, there was such energy during this song.

Our location in the crowd was between Paul [singer] and Carlos D. This guy gave me a kind of Federer vibe. There is a seriousness, you can't tell if he's just up there doing what he does best, or if it is a hint of arrogance, or if that's just him enjoying himself. Maybe this was how he performs. He looked incredibly comfortable. All boys suited up. Carlos taking the 'less is more' approach and doing it well. The man oozes charisma, a la Stefan [Placebo]. Basically he stood there, looked pretty, and happened to be playing a guitar [referring to Stefan now, not Roger].

*Carlos resides in Brooklyn, New York City with his Italian Greyhound, Gaius.*

Good mix of old and new material, some of us are too lazy to learn the lyrics / understand them ["Wipe the pollen from the faces, Make revision to a dream while you wait in the van"?]. I was surprised with the number of young people there. I'm not old, but there were a lot of 18-ish yr olds.A handful who belong in Cargo @ King St Wharf with their pretty dresses, high heels, dolled up faces. A pit is not the place for you. For me, as annoying as I find crowds at gigs, I think it was the Interpol crowd that made the gig tonight.

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