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Thank god! I didn't want to lose to him 3 times in 3 weeks :rolleyes: :bounce:

But now, I have to play London, who I have beaten before but everytime, it wasn't in a final! I always lose to him in finals...:sad:

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Interview with Legolas Thranduilion

Thranduilion is sitting up on a tree branch, and is heard saying, "...A Elbereth Gilthoniel o menel palan-diriel, le nallon sí di-nguruthos! A tiro nin, Fanuilos!..."

(O Elbereth Starkindler from firmanent gazing afar, to thee I cry here beneath death-horror! O look towards me, Everwhite!)

Q. There you are! Will you climb down and let me interview you?
A. I have no desire to move, for now, but if you wish, you may speak to me here.

Q. Um... alright then... so what happened in the semifinal match? Bad lembas?
A. *shoots a :fiery: look*

Q. Sorry... but seriously, was the whole drug testing issue at the start of the tournament a distraction for you?
A. No, that is long past.... Urumov was just too good today. He is a great player, and it was inevitable before he learnt how to counter my strategies. I am very disappointed, but you have to hand it to him, he deserved the victory.

Q. Since you acknowledge that, why are you up there on that tree branch?
A. It has not been a good week for me, my new partner and I also lost early in doubles. I wished to be alone in peace to contemplate and heal my spirit.

Q. So what are your plans for the immediate future?
A. My winning streak has ended, as all good things must eventually do. I play next at Indian Wells. Hopefully I can work on my game and improve and, if the Valar will it, start a new winning streak.

Q. Are you planning on staying up there much longer?
A. I intend to wait until nightfall. The stars have always been a source of inspiration and joy to the Elves.

Q. :eek: Errm... ok then...I'll go now. Thanks for your time.
A. Navaer. (Farewell.)

The reporter leaves, shaking his head... and Thranduilion begins to chant softly again...

"...A Galad ven i reniar,
hi 'aladhremmin ennorath...

Picture of a sad Legolas


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I will see if I will write them too once! If my player is more famous. It will be difficult, I like to write something like this in Dutch, but in English it will be more difficult!
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