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This is the fourth consecutive night that I can't sleep. I have slept only about 3 or 4 hours in the morning. Thank God that most of my lectures are at lunch time or in the afternoon.

However, I have so much work to do, assignments and exams, there is sleep a luxury product. :rolleyes:

Additionally, I have to write this horrible research project. I hate it. A dissertation of 10,000 words... :ras: Universities know how to torture their students...

Despite my studies which are really making me sick at the moment I enjoy being in the UK. Could imagine to stay here working for a certain period... but I guess, I have already mentioned that, haven't I?!?. :scratch: Well, as a to me very special person is part of this decision, I am already far ahead with my thoughts. In my head I have already finished my studies because the time afterwards means so much more to me... :p

I guess, I can make the effort of working hard the last weeks to gain a good graduation.

Has anyone of you once watched 'Emmerdale'? This British soap is just brilliant. I started watching it when I moved here and I got addicted. Maybe one reason was that I needed a replacement for the soap that I normally watch at home. Anyway, there are many great actors on the show....

Patsy Kensit and Linda Thorson - The Show's Super-Bitches :devil:

Charlie Hardwick - Winner of the 'Best Comedy Performance' Award at the British Soap Awards 2006 :yeah:

Ben Freeman - The Show's sexy Mechanic :lick:
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