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Yesterday, I had a very insightfull & interesting conversation with a friend. We were talking about our private lives, guys.....first in some not too serious way, but we ended up talking in all honesty about how we were feeling.

She's a bit younger than me, but we are both singles, and this for quite a long time. Remember, she's the one who was shocked when I told I wasn't expecting anything anymore concerning my love life. She said that if I wanted to meet someone, I had to go out. OK, I said. So let's think about it. What she meant by going out was restaurants, movies, parties and stuff like that. I made clear that one-night stands weren't absolutely what I was searching for -admitting I'd be searching for something of course. Let's face it. I'm not really the kind of girl/woman that attract at first sight. I don't dress sexy -not convinced I'd be if that was the case anyway. I hardly make up. All in all, I'm what some call a natural girl. I tried to explain my friend that the guys/men I could meet in the situations/places she had listed weren't absolutely interested in that kind of girls/women. She admitted that most of them were indeed more looking for chicks than anything else. So, I added that I wouldn't force myself to go out as I was convinced it was useless, considering what I wrote above. She was stunned. Not because she couldn't understand. On the contrary. Because it became suddenly so clear for her. I just hope I haven't ruined her expectations. I mean, it's not because I personally don't expect anything anymore that she has to quit for herself. She might be luckier than me on that regard.

Thinking and talking about all this again has woken up some process I have tried to stop last year. I don't wanna fall again. I'm coping with it, as hard as I can, but it's tough.

:hug: Take care sweetie. And please don't put yourself down - I have met you, and you're a beautiful looking woman with an inner warmth and vitality that shines out - any man would be lucky to have you :hug: Please be brave and be strong and take care.
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