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*Indoor Season: Feña in Vienna*

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In two weeks Feña will be playing in BA-CA TennisTrophy (October 10) ... I'm not sure but seems like Feña doesn't defend points here

Vamos!!! :bounce:

Entry List
1 Nadal, Rafael ESP 2
2 Coria, Guillermo ARG 8
3 Gaudio, Gaston ARG 9
4 Nalbandian, David ARG 11
5 Stepanek, Radek CZE 18
6 Ljubicic, Ivan CRO 19
7 Robredo, Tommy ESP 21
8 Lopez, Feliciano ESP 22
9 Ferrero, Juan Carlos ESP 22
10 Gonzalez, Fernando CHI 23
11 Novak, Jiri CZE 25
12 Haas, Tommy GER 31
13 Moya, Carlos ESP 33
14 Berdych, Tomas CZE 34
15 Grosjean, Sebastien FRA 35
16 Melzer, Jürgen AUT 41
17 Mello, Ricardo BRA 56
18 Zib, Tomas CZE 60
19 Wawrinka, Stanislas SUI 62
20 Horna, Luis PER 63
21 Calleri, Agustin ARG 67
22 Seppi, Andreas ITA 69
23 Kim, Kevin USA 70
24 Minar, Ivo CZE 77

1. Monaco, Juan ARG 80
2. Lapentti, Nicolas ECU 83
3. Vik, Robin CZE 84
4. Koubek, Stefan AUT 85
5. Bracciali, Daniele ITA 87
6. Garcia-Lopez, Guillermo ESP 88
7. Behrend, Tomas GER 89
8. Burgsmuller, Lars GER 90
9. Clement, Arnaud FRA 91
10. Popp, Alexander GER 91
11. Vanek, Jiri CZE 92
12. Dlouhy, Lukas CZE 93
13. Karlovic, Ivo CRO 94
14. Almagro, Nicolas ESP 95
15. Gimelstob, Justin USA 96
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It would be great to see Fena do well at Vienna-esp if he's not defending points. Then they're like bonus points! It would be awesome if he were able to make it into the Masters yet!
He's basically no points to defend for the rest of the season as he lost last year in the first round of all tournaments he played. Well Paris was the second round because he was seeded and had a bye in the first.

So there are lots of points out there waiting for him........ ;)

Vamos Fernando!!! :bounce:
Wish him to have a nice draw. :) Vamos Feña! :rocker2:
I'm sad ... :sad:

indoor season is almost here and that means that this year is almost over ... :sad:
Feña will only play four more tournaments and hopefully Shangai and then no more Feña until next year ... I know he deserves some rest but I'll miss him!

But like I said before there are four tournaments left and let's hope Feña will have a GREAT indoor season! :bounce:

:banana: VAMOS FEÑA!!!!! :banana:
Good luck Fernando! :D Vamos! :rocker:
Wish you all the best in European Autumn which is quite good so far ;)

Vienna will be showed in Eurosport so I hope to see you Feńa!! :banana: :banana: :banana:
Greets 4all :wavey:
Good Luck Fernando
Get a lot of pts during this period :yeah:
You have nothing to lose GONZO!!! WIN WIN WIN as much as you can now! Chi-chi Le-le Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le VIVA CHILE!!
Good luck Fernando for this indoor season. YES, we'll have it on Eurosport and Sport + here !!! And, I can't wait to be at the MS Paris Indoors !!! I still have to buy my tickets but I'll be there :)
The Draws are up! Fernando Gonzalez vs Thomas Berdych first round. Well he has Carlos Moya and Ivan Ljubicic in the horizon. Well if Fena is playing good tennis hes invincible. Vamos GONZO!!! Great luck in the end of the year!!
(ARG/1) Nalbandian vs Grosjean (FRA)
Q vs Q
Lapentti (ECU) vs Seppi (ITA)
Wawrinka (SUI) vs Ferrero (ESP/7)

Stepanek (CZE) vs Horna (PER)
Henman (GBR/WC) vs Q
Novak (CZE) vs Marach (AUT/WC)
Peya (AUT/WC) vs Lopez (ESP/8)

Gonzales (CHI/6) vs Berdych (CZE)
Moya (ESP) vs Phau (GER)
Haas (GER) vs Zib (CZE)
Calleri (ARG) vs Ljubucic (CRO/4)

Robredo (ESP/5) vs Mello (BRA)
Minar (CZE) vs Kim (USA)
Koubek (AUT) vs Q
Melzer (AUT) vs Gaudio (ARG/2)

Tough draw for Feña :(
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Tell me wtf is going on?How come does Feña get very a damn bad draw again? :fiery: Faces my fave Tomas who the man beat Nadal in R1? :banghead: Then Moya or recently "plays his best" Phau in R2?And then probably meets my fave Ivan in R3? :speakles: How to grasp many points in order to be in top 10? :crying2:

Feña really needs luck next time. :awww:
Looking at the list of players there are few I'd want to see Fena have to play-esp in the first round. It looks tough for everyone. Like Felipe said, when Fernando is playing good he is invincible! I'm hoping after his rest he'll be at his best! VAMOS FENA!!! :rocker:
Fergie said:
Tough draw for Feña :(
Not so surprising :(
Couldn't been worse :sad: Berdych is so tough :sad:

Still I believe in Fernando, why shouldn't I ? ;)
Vamos Fernanado! You're my star and guru of tennis! :D :banana::banana:
You can win it! :) :wavey:
As you said, not a good draw !! I can't believe that Fernando and Moya are again in the same part of the draw. Good luck Fernando for the first round, I'm sure he can win it !!

The draw is not good:crying2: But Good luck :)
Monday OOP

Center Court 2 pm

Jiri Novak vs Oliver Marach
Fernando Gonzalez vs Tomas Berdych

Vamos feña, you can do it!!! :bounce:
C-H-I CHI!! L-E LE!! Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le VIVA CHILE!! Vamos GONZO!!
Good Luck in Vienna Gonzo. Hope you will win the title :) .
Such bad luck with the draw again for Fernando :sad: – it’s so tough and I hate that he has to play already on the first day as this leaves him not much time to get adapted to the conditions and over the jet lag.

Best of luck, Fernando – you can do it!!! :kiss:

¡Vamos! :bigclap:
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