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I am pretty tired today so I must have my caffeine in the morning so I went to Starbucks and had a venti coffee. While lining up waiting for entrance to the ground, I went to the same couple I chatted up with the day before. Finally the gate open and there were many players practicing.

Nestor and Zimonjic were at the end of their practice as Moya and Ferrer were there already waiting. I took pics and left. Checking out other courts. I was really tired today most of the day was a blur in my head. From my photo journal, here were players practiced together today:

Moya/Ferrer, Hewitt/Youzhny, Hanescu/Melzer, Ancic/ToJo, Roddick/Kohlscreiber, Ljubicic/???, Hasse/???, Young/Odesnik, Nalbandian/Monaco, Haas/Gulbis, Andreev/???, Ivo/???, Malisse/Ginepri with 2 guys???, Djokovic/Stepanek, Ivanovic with a male pro, Momo with Kutnezova, Jamie Murray/???, Dima/???, Ferrero/Nadal, Clement/Grosjean, Mahut/PHM, Youzhny/Gasquet, Montcourt/???, Acasuso/???, Sania, Federer/Blake, Tipsarevic/Vemic, Jankovic, Nieminen/???

The pro practicing with Ana is a comedian, saying stupid things to make people laugh. The match practice between Moya and Ferrer was really intense and great. Momo and Svetlana are in love and they were very happy practicing together and probably playing doubles together. Sania was interviewed by local TV after her practice. Jankovic also practice with another guy. I also saw Verdasco and Lalo in the grass hill. But the most entertaining and funny of all, were Djokovic and Stepanek. They both like to entertain the crowd. Novak probably lost something during practice and he was made to do push up and the crowd happily counted for him. Also, the TB they played was sooo entertaining with Novak being dramatic for every point and the crowd were having lots of fun. After practice, Novak signed numerous autograph and he was rescued by the shuttle. And the most non-tennis related was Stepanek and Vaidasova just sat on the grass hill close to the public side where Federer and Blake were having a practice session in the court across the pathway for every passerby to see. :tape:

Other than practice, I watched part of Kiefer vs Sela. Sela played very well and his backhand is a beauty. Kiefer is not the best. Then I went to court 8 to wait for Dancevic vs Falla. I watched Zvonareva/Dechy vs Sfar/Rosolska. And Zvonareva/Dechy blew 3 match points and lost by losing the last 5 points in MTB. Dechy was terrible, she was in terrible shape and was responsible for all the points lost. She lost her singles match winning 1/2 games the day before.

After the doubles match, the scoreboard in court 8 showed up Schuettler vs Fognini and everyone there thought there's something wrong with the SB. The umpire heard us and told us that both Dancevic and Falla pulled out and were replaced by 2 LLs. Fognini can pack a punch with his small frame but he's super inconsistent. He started serve and won easily to 40-0 then just played like shit to lose the next 5 points and the game. Then he played 2 brilliant games to make it 2-4 then another shitty game with 2 DFs. Schuettler won the first set 6-2 but Fognini was obviously the better player out there. He broke Rainer in the 2nd game in 2 set and went on to win 6-3. In the first 2 sets, he had lots of chance to break Schuettler, especially in 1st set but he could hit an excellent shot and followed by a terrible UE in the next shot. He could also hit an winner out of nowhere. Even I am a Rainer fan, I have to admit he's a far cry from the player that he was.

After another round on the practice court, I went to watch Malisse vs Serra. Serra played well in his 2 qualy matches vs Jamie Baker and Ryan Sweeting. When I reached the stadium, he was down 6-7 1-2. Once I went into court 6 (I didn't watch the first game because I was busy texting back to Deb) Malisse won all the remaining 11 games winning 6-7 6-2 6-0. He really should pay me to sit in all his matches :lol:
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