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I arrived at 8:30am. I knew I was early but not THIS early. Usually general public gate open at 9am but this year, they changed to an hour before first match. No matter WHEN the match started. Since today's match started at 11am. I had to wait 1 1/2 hours. But since all those there are veteran tennis fans, we chatted up easily and time passed.

First up is Kiwi practicing with Seppi (???) I also saw Radek warming up and he really has a very flexible body. Quite a crowd with Peer too practicing with ???. I don't know Peer's coach is Conchita Martinez. Tsonga was there again.

There's also Fognini shirtless but the guy is pretty cute. Across from the practice court, there's Montcourt exercising on the grass hill and it seemed he share the same trainer with Natalie Dechy.

Of course, when you saw a Frenchie, you'll see more and there's Clement working out shirtless there. Also Grosjean and PHM were practicing next to Shahar.

After the work out on grass, Montcourt proceeded to practice after Fognini with a guy I have no idea who he is.

There's also Volandri and Andreev. Andreev was on the far side with his trainer. And it's good that they were that far away because the way his trainer pushing his thighs and legs, it would cause a riot with spectators. While Andreev was running rounds, Misha and his gf just sat at the corner of the grass waiting for his time on practice court.

Did I mention Radek earlier, I discovered later Vaidasova was practicing too. Btw, even he's busy practicing, he still managed to flirt with Angelick Radwanska who passed by the court with her sister. No wonder he's quite a lady's man with WTA players.

Davydenko was practicing with Florian. They had a very good workout.

Next session was up and there's Hewitt with Baggy and the crowd were behind Baggy and no many people paid any attention to Hewitt. I saw there's riot in another practice court and there's Sharapova. I don't know who she is practicing with. When I left, I walked passed Momo and I wished her good luck and she answered Thank you nicely. Then I went on to look for Misha practice and guess who's there. Gulbis. I tried to take picture of Misha and his gf while they were sitting down. I guess Misha saw me so many times and worried I'm a stalker :lol: and gave me a very suspicious look. Next was Volandri with another Italian guy.

After all the practice pics, it's time for me to watch some matches. First one is Fognini vs Odesnik. The reason I was there is because Mohammed was there umpiring :lol: I also like a pic of Wayne. While I was sitting there, I overheard some very interesting conversation between two coaches. One of them obviously worked with Wayne for 3 months and told the other guy how difficult Wayne was and he kept changing coaches and he mentioned a guy who's obviously a very nice guy and even so, Wayne could not work with him. But Odesnik won easily 6-1 6-2.

Then I went to next court where Zheng Jie played vs Emilie Loit. Although Zheng's ranking is much lower than Loit, she's 2-0 in h2h. It's a terrible day for Loit where she lost 6-0 6-1 and that needed to thank the umpire. She's 0-6 0-5 and duece. Her ball was called out by linesman but the umpire overrode so instead of a bp, she had a game point and she won the game.

I wandered back to practice courts and there's shirtless Jarkko. Next were a bunch of USA players (I guess) because there's Scoville Jenkins. And there's shirtless Massu with another guy and I have no idea who's he. There's Ivo sitting with Hanscue?

Back to matches and there's Montcourt vs Max. Poor Montcourt was 30-15 at 5-6. He hurt his knee and needed trainer. We waited for awhile (court 6 is the on furthest away from stadium court where everyone is there) Trainer worked on his knee but he lost all the points and the set. He hang on for the second set and again, lost serve at 5-6 and the match.

Next is Schuettler vs Giraldo. This up and coming Columbian has potential but I have BIG problem with him. He's impatient and lost his temper easily. At first I thought he was justing talking to himself but he was actually talked to his coach. At first, the coach only made small gestures but since the umpire seemed oblivious of the behaviour, the coaching got worse and worse. I don't know why Rainer didn't complain. The worst came when the end was near. He was serving for the match at 5-4 but was broken. But Rainer quickly lost his serve again. After a tight point with lots of running, he lost the point and adv Rainer. He ran to the net with no problem to save the ball but hit the net, he then went to his chiar, sat down and when the umpire asked him, he said he needed a trainer. Rainer looked amuse and rolleye when the umpire called for trainer. It's court 6 and again took sometime. When the trainer arrived and talked to him, he's OK. The trainer didn't need to do anything. He was up and running, saved the bp and finally serve out the match. The crowd were really pissed. And I bet the trainer and umpire too because after the match, they were there talking to a tournament official. (The same trainer left immediately after he trained Montcourt but stayed for this one)

One more note about this match. Dirk came with Rainer and he sat on the far corner on the other side of court away from me where nobody sat. He took off his shirt , shoes and socks and looked like he was there for a suntan. It's not a really good sight with his body.

Another note was before the match started, I was almost ran down by Mohamed Lahyani and Lars. They were talking to a tournament official while walking out of court 6 where the court side folding chairs were and moved to sit at the top of the bleachers there while I was trying to get into those chairs. :p

Next in court 5 was Anderson vs Hasse. It was 6-1 2-4 for Hasse. Hasse broke back but lost a very tight TB. But Hasse finally won and he's definitely the better player there.

Next in court 4 was Zan Yi vs Ursula Radwanska. Ursula was losing badly and she sounded like she's crying everytime she lost a point. The last 2 games, she just kept moonballing Zan and it's really ugly.

Finally I was back to court 6 with Serra vs Sweeting. I told the 2 ladies next to me who were cheering for Giraldo because he's cute that I didn't think Sweeting had a chance vs Serra and I was right. 6-4 6-4. But the surprise was seeing Montcourt again cheering for his countryman.

After that, I decided it's time to go buy the T-shirt I promised my son but I thought I could. I left court 6 and saw the biggest crowd I ever saw in practice court. On the way there, a woman kindly told me (no I didn't ask, I was just walking pass her) Moya and Rafa were there. NO DOUBT…... :lol: When I was there, they just took a short rest and their seats were back to a chain link fence that's waist high. Good that most of the fans in Indian Wells are very mature people :tape: Nobody extended their arms and tried to grab neither Moya or Rafa. :lol:

When I walked further, there's very hard working Radek practicing again. And when I walked pass another court, there're a bunch of people hovering around another player and WOW WOW WOW, there's Jelena. There were many fans asking for a pic with her and she was so nice signing autographs and kept stopping for pictures. I still not managed my new camera very well and had problem taking her pic and she kindly stopped again when I said I hadn't taken her picture yet. Anyway, it ended up as a very closeup of her.

Further down, I saw another player surround by many for autograph guess who he is?

There's another player practicing and it seemed his coach called him Evengi? And the guy he's hitting with looked like Darren Cahill????

Finally I went into the proshop and bought a new T-shirt for my son. Afterward, I called it a day.

May All Beings Be Happy!!
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Hi Lee, I love reading your blog, you discribe every thing so well it makes me feel I was there with you. I am sure you had loads of fun and I am happy you did ;)
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