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I got to see Dreamgirls today. Wonderful movie...well-done.

People may go to see this movie because Beyonce is in it, but Jennifer Hudson, a contestant on American Idol season 3, was the showstopper. She put her foot, her ass, and her fist in I'm Telling You I'm Not Going. People in the theatre were clapping and cheering for her once she finished!!!The word is, Jennifer's up for an Academy Award for her performance. Go, girl..... If you like musicals, like I do, then you'll love this one.

Next up: Pursuit of Happyness, with Will Smith. My brother went to see this one....I got next.

In January 2007, a couple of movies are on my must-see list:

Freedom Writers. Because my future career will be in teaching (English), I want to see how students express themselves creatively as they work through their demons. My sophomores will be dealing with racial tension, creative expression, and peaceful protest in their literary studies this coming semester, so this movie may give me an idea on how to proceed.

Stomp the Yard. Despite the criticisms, this movie is my must-see as well. Young men and women go to college with the idea that joining a fraternity or sorority is just about stepping, doing the call, and wearing paraphernalia. I hope the movie addresses that and gives young people another side of Greek life that they wouldn't otherwise see.

Other movies that I may see in 2007:

Because I Said So
Music and Lyrics
Wild Hogs
I Think I Love My Wife

As you can tell, I love movies! To be truthful, Dreamgirls is the first movie I've seen in several months. I want to see more in 2007. Until then....
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