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So, the RG is nigh, and I just can not get myself excited about it. Like, at all.

RG has always been the most unpredictable of the GS events - that's its charm. Now, the biggest quiestion will be - how many sets will Fed take off nadal in the final? Boo-hoo. The fact that I absolutely can't stand Nadal also doesn't help matters.

Guille doesn't play it at all, Richie the tender boy is still recovering from the injury, and Marat is playing like shit (again). Like any of them would get any screen time anyway - let the tourney start, and it'll be Nadal and Juju left, right and center. And Roger, of course. I don't mind Juju, but Nadal... bleeargh. Overgrown ass-picking ape.

Of course, I'll still watch it every chance I will get, the tennis-deprived loon that I am, but the suspence is gone completely. For the first time since I started watching tennis I'm more interested in women's event than in men's. So, Marat, I'm pleading with you here - do some serious penance and please, pull something out of your .... err, sleeve. Otherwise, I will cheer for Amelie and Sveta.
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