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In case you are interested. Here it's the doubles draw

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1 KNOWLES, Mark (BAH) / NESTOR, Daniel (CAN)
vs MANTILLA, Felix (ESP) / SANCHEZ, David (ESP)

3 PORTAS, Albert (ESP) / SA, Andre (BRA) vs GONZALEZ, Fernando (CHI) / SCHNEITER, Andres (ARG)

5 ADAMS, David (RSA) / KOENIG, Robbie (RSA) vs ETLIS, Gaston (ARG) / RODRIGUEZ, Martin (ARG)

7 LAPENTTI, Nicolas (ECU) / LOBO, Luis (ARG) vs CERMAK, Frantisek (CZE) / FRIEDL, Leos (CZE)

9 GAUDIO, Gaston (ARG) / HOOD, Mariano (ARG) vs FERRER, David (ESP) / VICENTE, Fernando (ESP)

11 EAGLE, Joshua (AUS) / KRATZMANN, Andrew (AUS) vs HAGGARD, Chris (RSA) / MACPHIE, Brian (USA)

13 CARTER, Guillermo (MEX) / FLORES, Luis (MEX) vs CALLERI, Agustin (ARG) / CHELA, Juan Ignacio (ARG)

15 ARNOLD, Lucas (ARG) / NALBANDIAN, David (ARG) vs BRYAN, Bob (USA) / BRYAN, Mike (USA)

Buena suerte para Memo Carter y Güicho Flores ;) and good luck for Nico and Lobo as well
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Tough draw for David and Lucas :( Come on, send the Bryans back up north! ;)
No way!! :D

Mike and Bob played great last week, and I'm sure they will do so this week. I have full faith in my guys! ;)

Besides, they have got a title to defend here...

Go twins!! :bounce::bounce:
Hopefully, same result as in Memphis last week!

:bounce: Go Nestor/Knowles :bounce:
Hopefully same final, but revenge of the Bryan Brothers... ;)
Where are all those Bryan rooters in here? :D

Go Mike and Bob!! :bounce::bounce:
Go Nestor and Knowles as well as David and Lucas :D

I somehow managed to not notice Daniel and Mark in the draw..
I must say, Gonzalez is showing remarkable courage entering the doubles again here in Acapulco after what happened to him last week in Buenos Aires. Perhaps he thinks the conditions are just a little safer in Mexico than Argentina?
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