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Name some things you would do? Would they be entirely tennis related or balanced between tennis and reality?

If I won the lottery I’d help out my brother as he’s in a lot of debt right now and a single parent.
My children are almost ready to go to college so I reaaaallly do need to win the lottery! If I did i’d put it aside for them.
With the extra money maybe I would buy a little holiday house near the beach for the family so we can unwind during the holiday season.
I have been trying to rebuild a car for a while so now i’d be able to afford the missing parts.

Investing the last of my money would be the smartest thing to do, but not after...trying to convince Roger Federer to give me some helpful hints, and take the opportunity to convince him mentally that he still has the skill to win one more grand slam!

Dreams come true, right? More About Winning Lottery.
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