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Anyways, I've been home for like almost a week and I am bored out of my mind!! There is only so much internet that one can surf for only so many hours, before you get really tired of it.

I could get a job... but who would hire me? I've only worked one real job ever, it was only for like a week, and I hated it. But now, getting a job seems like such a heaven sent.

Could I count the work I do on my site as a job? hmmm... Only If I had to do some website/internet related job.

I went to the dentist on Tuesday: Scariest moment of my life. EVER. Now, some people have a problem with the numbing shots, or with chocking, etc, but me? Nooo! I have to be scared of the stupid drill!!
Hi, my name is Noemi and I have dentophobia.

Last time I went ot the dentist, before tuesday, I was so nervous, so stressed, and so emotional, that my blood pressure dropped so low that I almost fainted and I was nauseated and dizzy for about 6 hours afterwards. IT. WAS. THAT. BAD.

Tuesday come along and I knew I had to go, about a week earlier one of my teeth had like cracked on one side and I needed to have it fixed so ASKED my mumi to make an appointment for me. Two hours before the appointment I was supposed to call and ask my dad to pick me up. My twinila called him because I didn't want to, and as soon as she started to ask him to come and pick us up, I started bawling. I was all like: I don't want to go! I don't want to to go! tears streaming down my face, the sound of a dentist drill in my head, I WAS SO FUCKEN TERRIFIED!!

My dad heard the whole thing and he was all like: Preciosa, si no quieres ir, no vayas, pero para de llorar porque estas haciendo a papi sad. (honey, you don't have to go, just stop crying because you're making papi sad). I love my daddy. But, he still had to pick us up so that we could go to my tia's house. The whole way there he was all like honey, you should go to the dentist, have your tooth fixed , etc.

I got to my tia's house, and my dad told my mumi about the crying incident. She told me that was old enough to make my own decisions and that I wanted to get a root canal later on because I didn't get i fixed in the first place, that was my prerogative... How could I not go?!?!

We get to the doctor's office and apparently my appointment is for thursday!!! But, they squeezed me in anyways. I only had two cavities, one on the tooth that had cracked and the other one a top tooth. I was silently crying the whole time. Tears were running down my face, I was shaking, and they had to take a few minutes so that I could calm down. The doctor was nice though and he let me listen to my MP3 player during the whole thing, so that calmed me down a bit.

It went better than I had anticipated, no fainting or dizziness, which is always a plus and I got my teeth whitened, so that was nice :)
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