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Lleyton won :banana: and in two sets :eek: he doesn't win easily so frequently now ... :hug:

Good to luck to him in the next round against Kohlscreiber


he is so unpredictable now ... I'm a little worried about him :scared:

This year has been so weird ... all the "top players" or the ones many people thought they would make some noise this year are having a bad year - Roddick, Blake, Ginepri, Berdych, , etc ... -
but we are only in March so there's a whole year for them

These kind of things happens, I guess ...

Paul lost yesterday against Spadea ... I think he was really tired ... played six days in a row :hug: and he is not used to this level of play and also to play so many days in a row so I guess he couldn't resist anymore ...
I hope he will make it to main draw in IW and also to the top 100

Good Luck Paul !!!!

Massu also lost today against Marcos Daniel :eek:
at least now he will have some days to rest a little bit and then go to IW

Enough about tennis :D now I'll talk about my day ...

Today I .... did nothing ... :rolleyes:
oh yes, now I remember I did something :banana: cleaned up my room and also copied some DVDs that I have to send :D

I want to eat now ... I'm so hungry ... I'm always hungry :lol:

I'll go to the kitchen now and see if there's something to eat and then I think I'll go to bed - it's 3:03 am -

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